India will position missiles on the border with China

India will place missiles on the border with ChinaIndia situated cruise missiles "BrahMos"(Brahmos) on the border with China in the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh (Arunachal Pradesh). Writes about this in Mon, October 17, The Indian Express.
So Makar, a missile regiment of Indian armed forces will face perfectly kitted Chinese missile units deployed on the other side of the border. It clarifies the newspaper, the range of these missiles is up to 290 km, the area of their offense covers a significant part of the area of Tibet Autonomous Area.

Rockets "BrahMos"Were developed by a joint Russian-Indian venture, the title of which comes from the titles of 2-rivers — the Brahmaputra and Moscow. Their first test was conducted in July 2001. At the moment, in India's cruise missile"BrahMos"Rehabilitated three Indian regiments, they are placed in the west of the country and are aimed towards Pakistan.

Equipping aircraft with cruise missiles India is consistent with management plans to increase the country's military might of Indian army. As Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, during the 5 years of the army will be increased by 89 thousand people, including 400 officers.

The main military threat to India is typically Pakistan, with which the Indians have a mutual territorial claims over the ownership of Kashmir.

In the near future a special concern for India military ties between Islamabad and Beijing, which, according to the views of Indians, threaten the integrity of the band of Actual Control in the India-Pakistan border. A few days back the Indian military expressed apprehension about the activities of Chinese troops near the border with India. Then it became clear to host Indian tanks in the border areas with China and Pakistan.

At the current time army People's Republic of China is naikrupneyshey in the world, its population of 2.3 million people. Army India, numbering 1.3 million military personnel, is on the 3rd place in number. Second row are the United States with 1.6 million soldiers.

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