India will position the tanks on the border with China and Pakistan

India will put tanks on the border with China and Pakistan

India situated tanks T-72 Russian production in the Himalayas in the border areas with China and Pakistan, the Hindustan Times reported, citing a source in the Defense Ministry of the country.
According to a source publication disk imaging, the issue of deploying tanks open a discussion with the head of the Northern Command of the Land Forces of India, Lieutenant General KT Parnaikom (KT Parnaik). According Parnaika, whose command is responsible for the control integrity of the State of Jammu and Kashmir, defense in the region need to be strengthened.

Earlier, on October 5, the Chief of Staff of the Army of India General Vijay Kumar Singh (Vijay Kumar Singh) has announced that the Pakistani state Kashmir (which India considers illegally occupied) found "about 4 thousand Chinese," including military personnel from among the People's Liberation Army of China. Namely, according to the Truth Dive, India disturbed by the presence of "occupied areas" of Chinese engineering troops and a huge amount of construction equipment.

As explained Parnaik, India is seriously alarmed by excessive activity of Chinese troops along the strip of actual control on the border with China, length of which exceeds four thousand kilometers. In 1996, India and China have signed an agreement under which the parties undertake not to solve any act on the revision of the border. In addition, according to the views of the Indian military, friendly affairs between Beijing and Islamabad pose a danger the integrity of the band actual control on the border of India and Pakistan.

India and Pakistan have long disputed ownership of Kashmir, located in the northwest of the Indian subcontinent. De facto, the region consists of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and a self-proclaimed country Azad Kashmir ("Free Kashmir"), under the control of Pakistan. But formal agreements section of the region is not fixed.

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