India will test its hypersonic engine

India will test its own hypersonic engineThe organization of defense research and development (DRDO) of India in 2013, will conduct tests hypersonic ramjet engine of its development. On this, as reported by PTI, said managing director Dr Vijay Kumar Saraswat DRDO. According to him, the Indian power plant will be able to operate at speeds exceeding 6 times the speed of sound. The details of the ambitious project is not Saraswat said.

At the current time in India is developing a hypersonic missile capable of speeds up to Mach 6 numbers. The project has been a joint Russian-Indian venture Brahmos. The database will form a new weapon in existence supersonic cruise rocket "BrahMos", is already standing on the arms of the Indian Army. At the basis of "BrahMos", in turn, is Russian Rocket "Onyx".

At the current time actively working to create a hypersonic aircraft carried U.S. Our homeland and Brazil. Namely, the South American Boeing aircraft manufacturing concern with the U.S. Air Force does hypersonic missile X-51A Waverider, the ability to develop speed Mach numbers up to 6. In addition, the American company Lockheed Martin is developing the hypersonic apparatus Falcon HTV-2. In turn, Brazil is a rocket 14-X, which also will have a speed of Mach numbers higher than 6.

At the end of August 2011 it was reported that Russian company "Tactical Missiles" has begun research on the project creation Hypersonic rocket. According to the company's chief designer Boris Obnosov, Russian rocket will be able to develop speed, exceeding the speed of sound in the 12-13 times.

In addition, it is believed that the creation of Hypersonic aircraft "needle" in the framework of the "cold-2" deals with the Central Institute of Aviation Motors Baranova (CIAM). April 22, 2012 the first deputy general director of CIAM Valentin SOLONIN in an interview, "The airport," said the institute conducts research and development for the integration of the engine and the fuselage of a hypersonic aircraft.

"In the ongoing research activities are considered originating in the engine propulsion hypersonic aircraft processes efficient compression, combustion and expansion in conjunction with the integration of the design with a GLA. Besides, intensively studied the thermal state of the motor in totality with the design of the aircraft. Because the temperature inside the motor is 2600-2700 degrees, and the flight itself is quite long, then there prepyadstviya thermal state, "- told SOLONIN.

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