India won the first three MiG-29UPG

India won the first three MiG-29UPG

Company "MiG"Commencement of delivery to the Indian Air Force fighter first MiG-29, upgraded to version UPG. According to a press release, Received "Heathcliff", the first three aircraft delivered to the customer on a transport plane An-124.

In late October, RAC "MiG"Announced the completion of the modernization of India's first 6 MiG-29 to version UPG. First flight MiG-29UPG for the Indian Air Force made in February 2011.

In total, Indian contract price of 850 million dollars anticipates upgrading 65 fighters. According to the agreement, in Russia modernize only the first 10 aircraft, the other 55 will finish already in India.

After upgrading the Indian "Migi" get in the middle of the rest of the modern on-board electronics, which is compatible with the equipment on board the carrier aircraft MiG-29K/KUB the Indian Navy. According disk imaging Jane's, in addition to MiG-29UPG India can also order a new radar with active electronically scanned array (AESA). Radar was developed on the basis of the radar "Zhuk-A" and can detect up to 60 targets at a distance of 200 km. The same radar may appear on Russian "jiffies".

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