Indian aircraft carrier turned into quite an expensive long-term construction

Indian aircraft carrier finally turned into a costly and prolongedIndian broadcaster NDTV said that the Ministry of Defence of India has decided to bring in a government request for an additional 2,000 crore (20 billion. Rupees, or about 363 million USD.) To pay for the cost overruns in the first step of building the state carrier IAC (Indigenous Aircraft Carrier). This decision was taken in the outcome of the November 20, 2012 discussing the progress of construction at the IAC meeting, chaired by Indian Defense Minister AK Anthony.

The ship standard displacement of 40 thousand tons, which is expected to receive the title of Vikrant, built in 2008, at the municipal shipyard Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) in Cochin.

Previously, AK Anthony said in Parliament that the programm IAC building is progressing with a delay of greater than 5 years, and that the ship will be ready no earlier than 2018 instead of the initially planned date (2014 year). At the meeting on 20 November, the Minister of Defence of India claimed from the shipyard CSL set, in the end, the date of delivery of the aircraft carrier.

Sources told NDTV, that the price of the first step of building an aircraft carrier, which is planned for the 2003 budget in the amount of 3,200 crore (32 billion. rupees, or about 700 million USD the then exchange rate) has increased due to the delays. In the first step of building a shipyard was to bring the weight of the hull up to 18 thousand tons, but by the time the true weight of the body is only 14 thousand tons. The total price of the aircraft carrier IAC building is currently estimated to be between 14 to 18 thousand crores (140 to 180 billion. Rs, or from 2.54 to 3.27 billion. USD.).

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