Indian arms tender, which is the most expensive in history, on the verge of collapse — a fact that could play into the hands of the Russian Federation

Indian arms tender, which is the most expensive in history, on the verge of collapse - this fact may play into the hands of the Russian Federation

India announced a competition for the purchase of 126 fighters, which became the most expensive weapons in the history of tender, close to failure, because the Divide nablyudetsya lack of funds. In the Russian Federation in connection with this, there are chances to catch up for lost time. If the contract is canceled, Moscow, losing the spring tender, Divide again able to offer MiG-35 — which, despite the fact that the yield in the representation of Indians, European aircraft for fighting qualities, more than satisfy the initial monetary conditions in the middle of all the six bidders.

The Indian financial decline, according to the newspaper "Vedomosti", says the fact that, in due time favorite "tender age" has not been announced. Initially, the Indian Defence Ministry has promised to do it in September, after the announcement of the decision was postponed to November. December was a new term, but to this day, the authorities have not done posts.

Now, according to the magazine India Strategic, Ashok Goal, Marshal of Indian Air Force, retired, said the favorite "mother of all tenders" (specifically refer to this as the competition in the Indian media) can announce in January.

Recall Russian side is declared in 2006, "tender age" this spring, suffered a crushing defeat. This loss fall in the contract for the supply of India Mi-28N "Night Hunter" has been named by analysts prelude to the loss of leadership in Moscow in the arms market in India. In April, it became clear that the Russian MiG-35 fighter producers lost production Eurofighter Typhoon and Rafale (France) — the deal was valued at more than $ 10 billion. bucks.

Apart from the French and Russian planes, participated in the tender Swedish Gripen and South American F-18 and F-16. In November, announced that the contract price had increased to 20 billion dollars.

Europeans do not give up without a fight going because entice Divide technologies

A source close to the management of "Rosoboronexport", told "Vedomosti" that India in the next year or will be declared a favorite, either in general will be canceled tender due to the revaluation of own financial abilities. Officially, the situation in the Ministry of Defence of India is not commented.

As explained by the publication of Konstantin Makienko, expert at the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, cancellation of the tender is very possible because the amount of the supply of French or European fighter aircraft exceeds 20 billion dollars, planned by India. In addition the situation is exacerbated by the fact that the pace of growth of India's economy in the near future has slowed down.

"Vedomosti" note that manufacturers Eurofighter Typhoon are not going to get out of the deal and offer a compromise Divide. According to the publishers Indian Express, David Cameron, Prime Minister of England, Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, Mario Monti, the Italian Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and shaves, Spanish Prime Minister, wrote Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, a letter in which it was promised excluding aircraft India to transfer appropriate technologies.

By the refusal of Russian arms India is not yet ready

Until then, nedavneshnih Our homeland for India was naikrupneyshim supplier of tools and weapons. In the near future due to the failure of Moscow to bid analysts have begun to lead the discussion about the loss of leadership and Indian attempts to get out of dependence on Russia in this matter.

But most likely, it is impractical such steps Indian officials understand. In any case, during the visit of Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, Moscow shares clearly signaled that.

For example, it was reported that an agreement was reached on signing the recent agreement on the purchase of a large batch of Su-30 MKI. Ajai Malhotra, salting India in Russia, said that the discussions are not available contract and a new contract for the supply of Su-30 MKI. This, as noted by the sources of the kits is designed to build 230 fighter aircraft of this type by HAL.

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