Indian AWACS aircraft experienced joint development BAe / HAL — HS.748 AEW (1980 and 1990)

Given plane distant airborne warning and control has several titles, which are encrypted name manufacturers: HS.748 AEW — British BAe or Indian HAL. In addition, the aircraft took part in the development of the Israeli company «Elbit», which has put its radar type Phalcon AEW.

Indian AWACS aircraft experienced joint development of BAe / HAL - HS.748 AEW (1980 and 1990)

Work on the creation of a new AWACS aircraft for our own Sun begins in 1985 with one of the branches of the Indian company HAL. The basis for the new aircraft purchased Hawker Siddeley HS 748, built by the British license by HAL (20 aircraft), it was a twin-engine passenger aircraft. It is intended for testing and installation of the outdoor radome with radar-antenna (test plane) For the upcoming installation on Russian IL-76, also built under license by the Indian company (meaning to some of the 72 IL-72).

Radar antenna installed virtually over the middle of the body in a rotating radome. The fairing was 7.2 meters in diameter and 1.5 meters in height. The rotation of the antenna passes over the ending of the keel AWACS aircraft, which reduces the reflection signal from the body of the aircraft. Antenna fairing made by the German company «DASA», which also helped in designing the system rotating radar antenna. In avionics included a hybrid navigation system and cryptographic data transmission system.

Indian AWACS aircraft experienced joint development of BAe / HAL - HS.748 AEW (1980 and 1990)

The main work on the creation of Indian aircraft AWACS finished by 1990. Experienced standard with a fairing, in what was missing until the radar antenna for the first time at first took to the skies in November 1990. Tests of the upgraded AWACS aircraft under capacity for various reasons sometimes lasted almost a decade, and was built at least three experienced reference AWACS aircraft, while in January 1999, not tragedy struck — completing flight, AWACS aircraft began to enter the runway Arakon Indian Navy air base and crashed. All are on board the people — the crew (4 people) and technology (4 people) died. The main reason for the crash — a fire on board or refusal engines with the upcoming fire.

This tragedy was the end of the project AWACS aircraft based on the HS 748. Previously it was assumed that the fairing with the radar-antenna will eventually set on Russian Il-76MD. But the plane crash which occurred resulted in the complete cancellation of programs from the creation of its own AWACS aircraft for the Indian Sun In 2003, the United States insisted on the return of Israel's own Phalcon AEW radar of the Indian contract.

The main features:
— length — 20.4 m;
— height — 7.5 m;
— wingspan — 31.2 meters;
— Weight unloaded / equipped / max — 13.2/21.9/23.8 tonnes;
— weight of 6.5 tons of fuel;
— Power — 2 HPT Dart RDa.7 Mk 536-2 of Rolls-Royce;
— power engines — HP 4560;
— average speed — 450 km / h;
— range — 2.6 thousand kilometers;
— the average time of flight — 6:00;
— service ceiling — 7.6 km;
— crew — 3 people.
— length of the antenna radome radar — 7.2 m;
— height of the radar antenna radome — 1.5 meters;
— weight of the radar antenna — 160 pounds.

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