Indian claims under the contract for the supply of T-90S

Indian claims under the contract for the supply of T-90SIndia contract the acquisition in 2001, the main battle tanks T-90S Russian production initially advertised as an opportunity to obtain a world-class tanks at a relatively low cost. India, according to the agreement was to get 310 tanks and full of technology for the licensed production of the organization's capacity 1000 pieces of equipment in the factory in Avadi languid engineering.

But for 10 years due to delays in the transfer of technology plant was built only 150 tanks. India in 2007 was required to purchase another 347 Russian T-90S tanks.

Business Standard newspaper conducted a survey of officials involved in the implementation of this agreement. The result has been received complete information. It can be characterized as "Russian arrogance" on the background of the "obedience of India." Under other treaties Our homeland is behaving well. For example, the supply of aircraft carrier "Gorshkov" was overstated costs. But the situation with T-90C Lupita by heart the defense of India.

The request for clarification of the situation on the subject of the Russian Embassy in India was ignored.

That's what happened in fact. After signing the contract for the supply of T-90C January 15, 2001 "Uralvagonzavod" Russian manufacturer of the tank, began to rapidly make the conditions of the contract. But with technology transfer Russian side does not hurry.

For 18 months, Russia had put "tons" of those. documentation, but as it turned out, it's made in the Russian language. Another 18 months has taken its transfer to the British. Then the management of Indian plant found that Russia delayed the transfer of technology without respectful circumstances. It concerned namely manufacturing technologies of the turret as the production tank gun. When these technologies are claimed to New Delhi, Moscow politely replied that these technologies "secret." So Makar, the full technology transfer has not been completed to date.

The newspaper said the emperor Rao, director general of the plant, how to carry out the tanks in the absence of these technologies. Rao said that "the components of the armor and the gun were developed on their own." October 5, 2011 AK Anthony Head of Defense Ministry of India at a meeting with A. Serdyukov, his Russian officer sent to this problem of his attention.

Not being able to organize a full-scale licensed production of T-90, the Ministry of Defence of India under pressure from the Army in front of Moscow "capitulated", concluding contract to supply another 347 tanks. Only after the conclusion of the contract for the supply of additional Russian tanks began to be delivered to the component Indian plant.

When India in 2002, was on the brink of war with Pakistan, it was found that the thermal sights of French production (the company Thales), mounted on T-90C, criteria in the heat of summer can not work normally. Also often out of order kondyuk tank. "If the temperature inside the tank will drop to 10 degrees, the electronics will work better," says the manager of Indian plant.

It was also found that Indian ammunition T-90C not adapted. Defense in panic ordered Indian developers it fire control system. At this time, were ordered expensive Russian ammunition.

But manufactured in Russia tank guided missiles "Invar" were inapplicable. They were sent back to Russia. Rockets were found defective (may be poor assembly).

At present, the status of the Russian Federation as a prime contractor implements for the Indian armed forces is melting under the pressure of Western defense companies, and companies in Israel. Arjun Nedavneshny success and the lack of progress in the development of the latest generation of FMBT tank ensures that T-90C will be the last tank that India buys from Russia.

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