Indian contract: Rafale off the pipe?

Indian contract: Rafale flies in the pipe?

Sales in 2009 36 Rafale fighter jets to Brazil, a "historic breakthrough" in the words of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, 126 aircraft to India … unsaleable Rafale began to gain momentum. But Brazil's wrong agreement has not turned into a contract, and in India the negotiations stalled even before the Indian government has weakened under the impact of corruption scandals, which may lead to a revision of the deal.

Contract to sell 126 fighter jets to India actually going smoothly, the then Minister stated. Only remained to settle mere trifles: bill of materials, delivery time, weapons systems, training of pilots. A lot of little things "incredible complexity", these are the words of MP Koneza (Marianne Pierre Conesa), former head of the Office of Strategic Affairs, which is responsible for the export policy. According to him, to finish the signature on the contract should take more than a year, with all this, he did not rule it zavisimomstii delay in the outcome of negotiations.

If most of the first year, the French media have expressed satisfaction with the riotous this extraordinary commercial and manufacturing of success, cost 9.2 billion dollars, a very few, including blog Giznelya J. (Jean Guisnel), noted that it is not a contract, and that Negotiations have just begun. "The concern is that fighter Rafale offered by its manufacturer Dassault Aviation at a cost lower than the Eurofighter Typhoon. Because between India and France will be conducted special negotiations. They will relate to the delivery of finished 16 fighters and assembly plant indyiskom HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) of the remaining 110, whose components will be supplied by one of the 500 vendors are now engaged in the production Rafale ».

Officially, India said that it reserves the possibility to say about his own decision to March 31, 2013, when the money will be completed annually. In other words, as in the case of Brazil, where the process lasts, but France is no longer the winner, and the political situation is much more difficult than previously thought.

The Germans renew pressure

According to the newspaper Parisien, «Two-independent professional discussion of the Committee on the criterion of the contract, the official commission, which in India is responsible for the exclusive negotiations, questioned the procedure which resulted in the conclusion that the proposal by the Rafale from a monetary point of view better than the supply of euros consortium Eurofighter, led by Britain and Germany. " Indian defense minister gave to understand that will not hesitate to cancel the contract, "if in the course of the tender procedure was flawed." Not to mention the corruption scandals that threaten the Indian Prime Minister, and whose resignation could stop the ongoing negotiations.

The right time, which will not fail to use the contestants Rafale. The newspaper Times of India reports the words of A. Shokenoffa (Andreas Schockenoff) MP from the Social Democratic Party and a close associate of Angela Merkel: "between German representatives and the Indian side there were talks and I can say that talks not closed. As I know, the Indian side does not carry formal commercial responsibilities. Manufacturers Eurofighter still finalizing its proposal, which will be the subject of negotiations between the European consortium and the Indian government. "

Strategic advantage

Hum bell rang and out of, where the head of FSMTC noted that "he has information that the order of the day or a new proposal for the role in the tender." Let the smoke in your eyes? In any case, this is a legitimate struggle on the part of those opponents that do not count to give up without a fight. Our homeland is involved with a joint development with India fighter fifth generation, and has offers that are hard to turn away.

In Rafale still remain some advantages associated with its performance characteristics, cost of service, the similarity with the fighter Mirage 2000, which is already in service with the Indian Air Force. Taking into account the strategic judgment, the choice of Eurofighter will force India to fight with 4 different suppliers. Not to mention the risk of an embargo, and then France can be seen as a reliable partner, particularly in relation to the enemy Pakistani Hindus.

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