Indian helicopter tender was under threat of failure

Indian helicopter tender was in jeopardy

The Ministry of Defence of India may cancel the tender for the supply of 197 light multipurpose helicopters second time in the last five years, Defense News reported, citing sources in the Indian Defense Ministry. A prerequisite for the abolition of the contest may be the inclusion of the Italian company AgustaWestland in the "dark" list of illegal importers, also a suspicion that she had given a bribe to General and had a tender in 2009 and is currently in charge of the new competition.

First tender for 197 light helicopters was announced in 2009. It was the role of "Rosoboronexport", Bell Helicopter, AgustaWestland, Eurocopter, Sikorsky and Boeing. At the current time in Italy under investigation in respect of AgustaWestland. Corollary implies that company gave a bribe Indian Air Force Brigadier General, in charge of the tender, that the proposed AgustaWetsland helicopter was the first step of the test in 2010.

Indian tender was canceled at the end of 2010. It should be emphasized that helicopter AgustaWestland did not pass the first step of the test — the Indian Air Force acknowledged it is not appropriate specifications. Meanwhile, in 2009, AgustaWestland won tender Indian Air Force to supply 12 multi-role helicopters to the configuration VVIP (Very Very Important Person, designed for the transport of the first persons of the country). Although the signed agreement for the supply of AW101 helicopters will not be canceled, the Italian authorities have requested verification and the results of the tender.

Along with the investigation in Italy India has also decided to conduct an audit of the company by asking the Italian side the case file. If AgustaWestland will be recognized as guilty of bribery, India prohibit the supply of military equipment to the country. At the request of the company, she never gave bribes to Indian military and all its relations with the military of this country were just as legitimate.

Re-tender for the supply of India's multi-purpose light helicopter was announced in 2011. At the current time it involves "Rosoboroneskport" and Eurocopter, offering Indian military helicopters Ka-226T and the AS550 Fennec. Although the Italian company This contest is not involved, the Ministry of Defence of India may cancel the tender, as responsible for his conduct, Brigadier General, suspected of bribery. Name of the military, and carried out the first contest is not called.

According to the results of the tender, the Indian Defense Ministry plans to buy 197 helicopters worth more than billion dollars. The new machines will have to change the outdated Cheetah and Chetak.

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