Indian machine gun INSAS

Indian machine gun INSAS

The machine gun was created on the basis of an assault rifle in a single family. As a result, most of the parts are interchangeable machine guns and rifles. INSAS abbreviation stands for Indian Small Arms System — «Indian system of small arms."

Machine gun was created to equip the army infantry divisions of India. The only differences gun INSAS from assault rifles are more heavy and very long detachable barrel and bipod presence. Compared with a rifle barrel weighted, its channel chrome, and the steepness of the rifling and the profile changed. This allows for the best mid-range ballistic properties. Thumb translator fuse located above the pistol grip with the left side of the receiver is equipped with a large flag, adapted for the shooting hand thumb. The flag has three positions: the top position — "fuse", the mean — "single fire", bottom — fire bursts of 3 shots.

Indian machine gun INSAS

Meal produced from a standard plastic box store (Tipo an option for supply of loose tape cartridge).

Instead of a rifle bayonet perforated compensatory arrestor diameter 22 mm, it is also a device for shooting rifle grenades. Accordingly, the front sight from the muzzle of the assigned reverse and variable diopter sight for up to one thousand meters is located on the rear of the receiver cover. Folding buttstock is made of plastic. Place on a bipod like machine guns, "Vickers-Berthier" and "Bran" who, during the second world issued by Indian companies. Carrying provided folding handle.

Released version with a folding iron butt and short barrel. This version is designed to equip special operations forces and Navy. Autorifle INSAS to the adoption was ready in 1990 to the middle of the 94th game of the year made 7000 light machine guns and rifles, but the vast enacting been postponed to a setup in India serial production of 5.56mm ammunition.

The order of unloading machine gun Indian INSAS:
1. Push the magazine catch located at the rear of its slot and remove the magazine.
2. Take back the cocking handle to open the shutter and remove the cartridge from the chamber.
3. Look around the guide slot, the chamber and make sure that their missing cartridge.
4. Release the cocking handle and push the trigger.

Properties of the Indian machine gun INSAS:
Cartridge — 5,56 x45
Weight of gun — 6.7 kg;
Length machine gun with the butt folded — 800 mm;
Length of gun butt when tilted — 1050 mm;
Barrel length — 535 mm;
Rifling — 6;
The stroke length of rifling — 200 mm;
The initial velocity — 954 m / s;
Rate of fire — 650 rounds per minute;
Magazine capacity — 30 rounds.

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