Indian mutant of BMP-2 and a truck — Funniest bronenovinka 2012

We continue to talk about what was fascinating old year in the military sphere. Surely the most bizarre exhibit held in India exhibition of arms "DEFEXPO — 2012" could be called the latest modification of the Russian infantry fighting vehicle BMP-2.

Indian mutant of BMP-2 and a truck - the most curious bronenovinka 2012

Indian BMP "Sarath"

We have already noted that in the past India has received a license for the establishment of the BMP data, after it had released more than a thousand machines that have received national designation Sarath. Indian engineers not only made one in one this machine, but have developed a lot of modifications, from cars and air defense missile systems — to different samples of engineering technology. Something had remained in the form of prototypes, something went into service.

This version of "two" hits that it was decided to abandon the tracked chassis — without further insidiously, the Indians have charged beempeshny body for three-axle vehicle.

Indian mutant of BMP-2 and a truck - the most curious bronenovinka 2012

What surprisingly — in this design even left side floats that were relevant to the Amtrack version, but quite unnecessary for this type vehicle.

Until now, it is not clear — whether it was an order of the Indian Ministry of Defense or activities Developments wheel BMP?

The designers of this "mutant" previously only worked with tracked armored vehicles, because machine outside left raw: a bad review forward, the missing security commander and driver's seats, as the motor.

In this cross-wheeled infantry fighting vehicles obviously missing, and its application in the desert areas of problem. It will be great to feel yourself alone on the highway, as escort vehicles columns.

But even in this way the machine can be one plus — a resource wheel chassis significantly higher tracked, and their operation is significantly cheaper.

It is unclear what has become a source of inspiration for the design. I remember that at one time the Americans crossed his army trucks with cases of M-113 armored personnel carriers — so it was in Vietnam and the first Iraqi company.

In addition, in Afghanistan as part of Russian convoys could build truck "Ural" and "KamAZ", in bodies which were equipped armored fighting compartment lined with tower KPVT and FCT.

In any case, made from BMP-2 wheel the car just hit upon ingenious Indian engineers.

On the first show of this car is more about her nothing was reported, so it is possible that the machine remained as 1st single instance.

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