Indian Navy began development of a new stealth frigate-like Trimaran

Indian Navy began developing the newest "stealth" frigate-like "Trimaran"

Naval designers in India have started to work on the kind of new ships coming. The specialists of maritime affairs learned how after 10 years will be a naval Indian Navy. At the disposal of the Indian Navy will be triple-court, or "Trimarans" which will be virtually invisible to radar. And their deck guns and rocket firmly disappear into the belly of the case.

KN Vaydanathan (naval designer, KN Vaidyanthan) commented: "This will decrease the visibility of radar, infrared signatures of underwater noise and other electronic signals."

He added: "In addition, we want to use the functionality of the radar. By the way, our frigates and destroyers are equipped with new functional systems and radar vertical launch missiles. "

The concept of "Tri" goes beyond the first "stealth" ship-in-class Indian Navy Shivalik (project 17), two of which already are in the Navy, and the third until just getting ready to send.

Yet the Indian Navy pay attention successor Shivalik — Project (Project) 17A which the plan must have missile silos, placed on the same level with the deck, and also the torpedo tubes, which are inside and sides of the body. It must be emphasized and a hangar for the helicopter model Kamov which will also be sheltered. All this allows you to take over some part of American thought concepts.

KN Vaydanatham said: "If you look at the Navy LCS design school, it becomes clear that their basic idea lies in the possession of a basic platform on which you can enter a different purpose, modular, and in case of need to quickly change the role of the vessel."

If you look to the future, we can behold the trivial fact that the Navy seek to modular system design, and by the way, they can be fully, participate in the project in England, called the Global Combat Ship. This project designed for the creation of relatively a cheap platform for individual fleets to install their own systems and weapons.

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