Indian rocket exploded after launch (Reuters, England)

Indian rocket exploded after launch ("Reuters", United Kingdom)Rocket-carrier to the Indian satellite exploded within a few seconds after Launch from Baikonur in the south of the country on Saturday, officials said. The incident is likely to adversely affect the future of the aerospace industry.

Rocket-vehicle GSLV exploded in the first phase of the flight, leaving after a trail of thick smoke and fire. Earlier start the same satellite GSAT-5P was delayed due to problems in the engine.

"The flight was normal about the first 50 seconds. After how rocket gained enormous height, there was an error, which led to the explosion, "- said the head of the Indian journalists gallakticheskoy research organization (Indian Space Research Organisation) K. Radhakrishnan (K. Radhakrishnan).

"What caused the damage, needs detailed study," — he added.

India hopes to receive from satellite launches about 120 million dollars a year, which is only a quarter of what it gets from China gallakticheskih launch satellites.

In April, the launch vehicle constructed in India with a cryogenic engine, used for launching heavy payloads, there was a failure, and rocket fell into the Bay of Bengal off the east coast of India.

In 2008, India launched to orbit 10 satellites of the smallest size with a single rocket. In the same year, the country announced the beginning of the first unmanned lunar exploration project.

The mission was terminated 10 months later. Earlier research unit managed to send data back to Earth, indicating the presence of ice on the Moon.

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