Indian Su-30MKI conducted training battles with the F-16

Indian Su-30MKI conducted training battles with the F-16Fighters Sou-30MKI Indian Air Force, participating in exercises in French Istres Air Base, held training fights with South American Air Force F-16 Singapore, 24 June reports Indian Express. The exercise involved six Su-30MKI fighters, which were training fight against F-16 Block 52 new modification.

The results of training fights have not been announced, but stresses that pilots Sou-30MKI these teachings have allowed to get a better idea about the capabilities of Russian fighter and enemy aircraft. Some Indian pilots also managed to get in. F-16 Block 52 — specifically, these aircraft will soon receive from the U.S. Air Force of Pakistan. The first four fighters of the 18 will be delivered to Pakistan by the end of this week.

India has expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the United States will put these fighters to Pakistan, saying that such a decision may be difficult to influence the position of U.S. companies in the Indian Air Force tender for the supply of 126 fighters. U.S. response stated that India can offer more advanced modification of the aircraft — F-16IN Super Viper, which is in development. Now the latest modification of the F-16 Fighting Falcon is a F-16 Block 52.

In addition to the F-16 and Su-30MKI fighters took part in the exercises French Mirage 2000-5 and Rafale. All during the joint exercises were worked out about 60 different tasks. The exercise also participated Russian aircraft production: freighter IL-76 and IL-78 tanker Indian Air Force.

Fighter The Su-30MKI is a modification of the aircraft Sou-30MK developed specifically for India. Plane capable of speeds up to 2.2 thousand kilometers per hour and to fly a distance of 3.5 thousand kilometers. Su-30MKI armed with a gun, 30-mm and has 12 points of suspension for missiles and bombs.

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