Indian Su-30MKI fighters may have received sunstroke

Indian Su-30MKI fighters, probably got "sunstroke"

Recent disasters with the role of the Su-30MKI being investigated by the Government of India.

Spices, who studied the background of accidents, it was found that a large number of Sou-30MKI has long been under the open sky. Since India is a country of tropical sunshine, falling objects, causing them significant heat. In the tropics, the most massive UV radiation on the planet. For a long impact high temperatures can have negative effects on performance fighter aircraft equipment. To avoid this negative factor, aircraft must be kept in enclosed hangars.

When you turn off the cooling system in the open air tropical avionics components are subject to very highest thermal stresses. Although it is not clear which parts of the equipment more prone to effects of high temperatures, but in any case they may cause malfunction of the equipment.

Russia in the design of aircraft equipment and aircraft more attention is paid to long-term resistance to low temperatures. In the last Russian military equipment production is no longer ruled by the impact of India's tropical heat and other states are in this climatic zone.

Another prerequisite accident Sou-30MKI may be the quality of the component. First, it concerns the AL-31F turbofans. In Russia and India in the near future have been several accidents "Sou"Specifically associated with these engines. Turbofans, which are equipped Sou-27/30, as the Chinese J-10 and J-11 (the price of the motor is 3.5 million dollars), made in India under license. Assembling engines — important process, and India has produced thousands of technicians and engineers. But India is not able to master the technology of major engine parts exposed to high temperatures and pressure. These components still come from Russia, but there are difficulties with them. The technology of production of these components is trying to get India recently. In addition there is a possibility that the tragedies associated with those unsatisfactory. service in the Indian Air Force.

India acquires from the Russian Federation "naked" car sets and equips them with the means of communication and sensors made in Israel. At the current time in service with the Indian air force of about 100 fighters Sou-30MKI. Their creation is licensed at a rate of about one aircraft per month. India in the 1990s, was acquired by the first batch of Su-30MKI of 50 pcs., Three years back signed a contract for the supply of an additional 40 aircraft, and not so long ago for another 42 aircraft. Air India wants to be in service in the general difficulties 300 Su-30MKI fighters.

The first 18 fighters acquired in 90 years, were removed from the Indian Air Force after nearly 10 years of service. Indian Sou-30MKI in almost all respects, are more efficient version of the fighters in this series because of the presence of European and Israeli electronics and Indian crews held a good preparation.

In their features 38-ton Su-30MKI is close to the fighter-bomber F-15E South American production. Though Sou-30 to equip the Western electronics, the price does not exceed 40 million dollars, in other words it is half the price of F-15E. Fighter The Su-30MKI can hit targets within a radius of 1,500 km and carry about 8 million kg of payload.

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