Indians, Chinese, Russian and Brazilian threaten U.S. security?

Indians, Chinese, Russian and Brazilian threaten the security of the United States?

In an interview with the South American nedavneshnem radio PBS chief South American military bureaucrat Leon Panetta, who now heads the Pentagon said what he sees of the country in the number of threatening the United States. Certainly, in the list were "old friends" of Iran and North Korea. In addition, the list of Panetta appeared segodnyaschy Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, where the South American troops or are active military actions, or providing support for rebel links.

But most questions from radio listeners was the fact that the number of potentially unsafe for U.S. sovereign powers Panetta has brought China, India, Brazil and Russia. On this said, these countries are developing quite rapidly, and it can serve as a "bell" for the United States to ensure that their (U.S.) hegemonic position of head of all the world's population may be cranky.

If anyone in the world Panetta's words about the BRIC countries, among which comes to our homeland, as the latest of the "axis of evil", caused a shock, in Russia has long been accustomed to thinking of themselves major irritant "Stars and Stripes of the Empire." From that point on, as the USSR defeated Nazi Germany, our government is haunted by the South American state. During this period of time changed our general secretaries and presidents, elections were held in the United States, but the ratio of 2-to each other was that there to hide, quite aggressive. After the collapse of the USSR America suddenly lost such a huge external stimulus, Kojima was Russian empire and temporarily switched to the other. In the hot South American "arms" were the North Koreans with their indolent nuclear applets and Iran, which is working or enrichment of uranium, or on the peaceful atom. In general, 10 years old South American authorities "peddling small things", taking a variety of sanctions against these and certain other countries. But Congress sought the enemy seriously.

And now it's the new millennium. Someone hitherto virtually clear who struck the United States September 11, 2001. Began to find the terrorist underground, and the strings with the tenacity were not in the cave to the Taliban, and not even the palaces of Saddam, and even the CIA, then to some great South American entrepreneurs. Absolutely, it was already disillusioned with our overseas friends, when he beheld that Russia became a little rebound after a couple of years of intensive democratization, and the Chinese are still strive to select the palm of GDP. That boiling the emperor Panetta include these countries in a potentially unsafe for the United States.

Well, let's say Russia, to put it mildly, not always adored in the West. Chinese people began to fear because of the seriousness of the growing economic and military power is almost yesterday. What about the Indians and Brazilians? Hard to believe that the Brazilian army will well and suddenly stormed South American military bases. Hunt to see: they need it? And Indians with its own philosophy is certainly not going to bombard a South American village.

It turns out that the emperor Panetta had in mind only the economic component of the issue. If so, then at the same time it Pentagon. Or now in the U.S. difficulties in the economic sector have decided to associate with the military department. Maybe Panetta hinted that the U.S. Army and so do not get enough from the country because, they say, be kind to yourself to find the enemy and Obtain at that booty.

Well, the expression of what he say, I am glad to cooperate with Russia and other countries of naming, so that they do not destabilize the situation in the world, sound, at least, it's funny. Neuzh then head of the Pentagon believes that this is India and Brazil are destructive acts in the world. Or maybe it's China and Russia brewed North African porridge in the form of endless sand revolutions. In general, one thing is clear: Americans in dire need of the next opponent. Panetta received such an obvious order to find the enemy, as in Libya, however, the Americans already have gained what we want. That reminded people of those whom read back in school textbooks. Only still with the Indians and Brazilians he apparently lost his temper …

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