Indonesia equip the F-16 fighter Maverick missiles

Indonesia equip the F-16 fighter Maverick missilesThe Ministry of Defence of Indonesia is located in the United States an order to supply missiles AGM-65K2 Maverick air-to-surface, reports Defense Aerospace. New missiles will be equipped fighters F-16 Fighting Falcon. Office of Military Cooperation (DSCA) The Pentagon has notified the U.S. Congress of a possible transaction, the amount of which is estimated at 25 million dollars.

Indonesia has ordered 18 U.S. missiles Maverick, 36 training missiles TGM-65K2 for practicing ground attacks, three training missiles TGM-65D for training of ground staff, also spare parts and equipment for the repair of missiles. In addition, if the deal is approved, the United States will give Indonesia techno documentation will also provide services for staff training.

At the current time in service Indonesia cost 10 fighter F-16A / B. DOD Indonesia must also obtain from the United States used 24 fighter F-16 Block 25, Block upgraded to version 30, and 6 of these aircraft for spare parts. Under the agreement, signed in November 2011, the fighters will be delivered free of charge, and for their modernization Indonesia will pay 750 million dollars.

In the middle of August this year reported that the U.S. offered Indonesia a second batch of F-16 fighters, which will be delivered free of charge, not counting the cost of upgrades to the aircraft. At the current time the parties negotiate on the number and criteria for the delivery of F-16.

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