Indonesia — the gateway to the Russian defense industry markets in Asia

Indonesia - the gateway to the Russian defense industry markets in AsiaAt the exhibition launched in Indonesia "Indo Defence 2012" Our homeland is counting on a good collection contracts. But further progress depends on whether the Russian producers to nominate spent models.

With markets in the Asia-Pacific Region (APR) associated with the most significant successes of Russian arms exports last 2-decades. China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam — these countries provide a large part of export earnings and the value of this market will only increase.

Together so now it's time for the RF phase transition — the subsequent success will directly depend on how quickly Russian manufacturers will be able to change the product line.

Cannon is now offering Russian producers fully meet modern requirements, but made on the platforms Russian design standards uniformly close to running out of its own modernization potential. In the coming 10-15 years, as the release on market systems of the latest generation of this fact will become more visible and bet on recycled model would not justify itself.

One of the most noticeable alarm calls of this kind was losing a flying tanker Sludge-78M bid for Indian Air Force European rival, made on the basis of the A-330 airliner. Sludge-78 did not help, even the fact that India already operates the aircraft of this type. The main prerequisite for the defeat of Russian machine called a sharp rise in price due to the transfer of production from Tashkent to Ulyanovsk, where he had to create virtually anew.

Nearly equaling the value in the A-330 (base price for Sludge-78 aircraft Sludge-76MD-90A Ulyanovsk construction exceeds 100 million dollars) Russian plane, albeit modernized, still remains the machine of forty years ago, conceding the A-330 in many ways, first economic. These criteria winning Russian cars would be more likely, bear it "Tashkent" cost in the range of forty million dollars, but the price has remained forever in the past.

Example with upgraded Sludge-76 is quite revealing — this project is needed to lift production at Ulyanovsk "Aviastar" also for the renewal of the Russian Air Force transport aircraft. But for the successful promotion on the external market, modernized Russian cars are no longer suitable.

Partly close the lag time before the publication of the latest systems are designed to "crotch" models made to the widespread introduction of technology and equipment of the next generation. Such, for instance, Su-35s and the latest version of the Su-30, which will form the base of Russian military aircraft exports in the coming 10-12 years.

Another important direction of development of Russian sverhtehnologichny industry and civil aviation industry is a sector that has developed in Russia until the very inadequate. Here the focus is on the already implemented the project "Superjet 100" and created a medium-liner MS-21, the implementation of which should give the Russian aviation industry an additional foothold. How to bet on these projects is justified will be clear in the coming 5-7 years.

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