Indonesia wants to buy 6 more fighters Dry

Indonesia wants to buy six more fighters "Dry"

The Indonesian government wants to increase the number of fighter jets, "Sukhoi" in service to the public Air Force 1st Squadron, in other words, up to 16 units over the next 5 years. This was said by now the country's president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, reports Chinese news agency "Xinhua".

The head of the island country noted that the amount of light fighters F16 Fighting Falcon, developed by U.S. company General Dynamics, for the same period will be increased to 2-squads, in other words, up to 32 units. So makarom government expects to increase the level of security in the country.

"After 5 years, we have to a large extent will expand our weapons system. We will increase the number of aircraft" dry "before the 1st Squadron, and the number of aircraft F16 — Up to 2 squads" — said the politician.

According to the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia, at the present time country There are 10 Russian aircraft and one South American.

Recall that back in July of 2007. signed an agreement to supply the Indonesian Air Force aircraft 6 — 3 Sou-30MK2 and 3 Sou-27SKM. Together with 4 previously procured Russian fighters, they formed a squadron placed in g.Makasare. Four planes (two Sou-27SK and two Sou-30MK) were bought by Indonesia in 2003.

F-16 fighter differ versatility and relatively low cost. Their creation was started in 1976. Since been made more than 4.4 thousand aircraft and their modifications. Initially, they were designed for the U.S. Air Force, but at the present time only available for export. F-16 fighters in service with 25 countries, including Pakistan, China, Israel, Turkey, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Venezuela.

AHK "dry" — Russian Aviation Holding Company. It is composed of leading Russian design bureaus and aircraft factory. 100% of the AHC "Sukhoi" contributed to the charter capital of JSC "United Aircraft Company", recorded at the end of November 2006.

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