Indonesia wants to buy in the U.S. helicopters AH-64D «Apache Longbow

Indonesia intends to buy the U.S. helicopters AH-64D «Apache Longbow"

The Agency for Defense Security Cooperation (DSCA) notified the U.S. Congress of Defense about the planned delivery of Indonesia, the applets "Foreign Military Sales" attack helicopters AH-64D Blok.3 "Apache Longbow".

In view of the agreement related to equipment, parts and services total price of the contract could reach 1.42 billion dollars.

The Indonesian government has asked the United States to request the purchase of 8 attack helicopters AH-64D Blok.3 "Apache Longbow", 19 engines T-700-GE-701D (16 installed and 3 spares), 9 upgraded systems and target detection / night vision systems M-TADS/PNVS, 4 fire control radar millimeter spectrum AN / APG -78 "Longbow", 4 interferometers AN/APR-48A, 10 warning systems, missile attack (CMWS) AAR-57 (V) 3/5 with sensors and advanced automatic shooting traps 10 systems laser warning AN/AVR- 2B, 10 sets of radiation detection radar AN/APR-39A (V) 4, 24 built-in helmet-mounted target designation systems and display (IHDSS-21), 32 launchers M299A1 «Hellfire" anti-tank and 140 AGM-114R-3, "Hellfire".

The request also includes the supply of IFF transponders "friend or foe", 30-mm guns and ammunition, communications equipment, tools, test equipment, simulators, generators, spare parts and components, accessories, technical documentation, training and logistical support from the South American government and the contractor.

Sun Indonesia want to use helicopters "Apache" to deter external threats, border control, the fight against terrorism and piracy, maritime security in the Malacca Strait communications.

As stated in the notice of DSCA, sale helicopters AH-64D will allow to increase the fighting ability of Indonesian Armed Forces and the ability to interact with the U.S. Armed Forces.

The main contractors selected by the company, "Boeing", "Lockheed Martin Corporation", "GE", "Longbow Limited liabiliti Corporation."

Notice of Sale is published in accordance with the requirements of the South American law and does not mean that contracts for the sale of equipment in the requested amount will be signed.

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