Indonesia wants to buy up to 180 fighters of the company Sukhoi

Indonesia intends to buy up to 180 fighters of "dry"

Indonesian Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro made a sensational announcement about plans for the procurement of air force over the next 15 years to 180 fighters of "dry", said the state agency "Antara".

As curled minister in the process held at the airbase "Sultan Hasanuddin" handover ceremony 3 Su-27SKM ordered in 2007, the fleet of combat aircraft of the Indonesian country asks severe update.

"In order to protect the sovereignty of the country, we want to buy 180 fighter jets," Sukhoi "by packing them 10 aircraft squadrons" — quoted the minister Agency "Antara". In the battle of each squadron will consist of 18 aircraft "Su". It is planned that purchase will be implemented by 2024.

According to the Minister, Our homeland has already expressed its willingness to "put as many fighter" Su ", which will be Indonesia. " "Improving the financial situation in the country will allow the government to acquire the necessary weapons" — highlighted the minister.

After the delivery of the last 3 Su-27SKM the Air Force of Indonesia made up of 10 fighters "Dry" — 5 Su-27SKM and 5 Su-30MK, which became part of the 11th Squadron, stationed at the air base "Sultan Hasanuddin" on the peninsula of Sulawesi .

Supply of 3 Su-27SKM implemented in accordance with the contract price of about $ 300 million, signed "Rosoboronexport" in August 2007. The agreement provided for the supply of 3 Su-30MK2 and 3 Sou-27SKM. Three Su-30MK2 fighters were delivered to the Indonesian Air Force in 2008-2009. Earlier, in 2003, for the Indonesian Air Force delivered two Su-27SK and two Su-30MK.

In addition, as previously reported to the RIA "Novosti" with reference to its sources, the Russian side has received an application for the modernization and life extension of 4 Su-27SK /Sou-30MK, set in 2003, and in October, is expected to sign the contract for the supply of arms to fighters Su-27/Su-30.

In addition to the purchase of aircraft "dry" in the framework of the signed memorandum in July, Indonesia is also planning for the next 10 years to acquire about 50 South Korean military aircraft KFX.

According to "Jane's Defence Weekly," announced plans to purchase the Minister of scale hardly feasible, since the price of 180 fighters is about 8 billion dollars, which does not meet the financial capabilities of Indonesia. Namely, the country's military budget in 2011 was 45.2 trillion rupiah ($ 5 billion dollars).

At the same time, purchase at least some extent completely real, and the words of the minister should be seen as a choice Jakarta strategic partner for the future. According to the commander of the Air Force Indonesia Air Marshal Imam Sufaat, the Indonesian Air Force has already received permission to purchase more in the Russian Federation 6 Su-30MK2.

Earlier, Indonesia has also announced its intention to acquire new trainer, diesel-electric submarines, frigates, military transport aircraft and other weapons.

The analysis of the implementation of Indonesia's defense procurement suggests that not all projects reach the implementation stage. Yet, Indonesia currently being able to perform, at least, some of them. According to the assessment of international financial fund, Indonesia's GDP growth in 2011 will be 6.2%. In the upcoming projected gradual increase in GDP, which will reach 7% in 2015. Economic growth in the coming five years will allow increment defense spending, which has increased by 13% and 21% in the last 2-years and ensure the implementation of programs to modernize the country's armed forces.

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