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For those who can think and reason.

Over the past 20 years, the world has changed. At the same time, very much. In the best way, or you do not — do not judge me. And in general, on the subject has already been said so many that add something new is difficult. I just wanted to draw attention to certain nuances and place a couple of accents. In the brain.

Specifically about it, the long-suffering brain, in the main, and it will go. Therefore exactly how it accounts for the main load configurations of our time. And not just thinking apparatus can quietly and safely handle it. Because many people in our world do not use it. For no reason, well, it's easier. But for the exceptions that they still are, I suggest a couple of thoughts. Not to finish the brain at all, but purely to think of it, where I suddenly wrong.

The world has changed. Although the main tenets remain the same: there are pastors and flock there. First clear minority, the latter — the vast majority. That's just the progress of the first to make life easier. In the main in terms of technology. If you rewind the tape back the time, and try to present contemporary politicians in the least comfortable times, what would happen? Lowing Zyuganov and Mironov in the Roman Senate? Obama in the election in 1900?

Yavlinsky, bleating in the Duma, the standard 1905? Serdyukov, the site of Churchill was that way in 1915? After the failure of the Dardanelles operation? Clinton Roosevelt in place? That's just it … Then there were the people, but at the moment — little people. But each time your order. While that's totally relaxed I can imagine for yourself Zhirinovsky, screaming in the same Roman Senate, then the legions go somewhere where someone needs hung. Simple. Yes sir it is unlikely Schicklgruber with their euphony there have appeared irrelevant. And Caesar led a modern country can not provide for themselves. With his attitude to the staff, it would be fun to behold. And Stalin, pacing around the room in the English Admiralty and with a tube to talk about that "MNE kazhetsya that our Spanish comrades neskolko preuvelichivayut a role in the development of wealth Ameriki … Paet think neobhodymo dapalnitelnye aasignovaniya have seen the construction of fifty new ships and the coast atpravit Ameriki two dapalnitelny squadron to reduce gaspodstva Spain this regione … "you imagined it? And would be allocated …

What I do is. And here's what. If we take a historical figure in a digital format, it will roughly either zero or one. The unit, in my opinion, would be appropriate at any point in time. A zero, sorry, he is everywhere zero. Excluding those cases where it interferes with majesty and technical progress. That there is specifically in our time.

I'm not going to pour mucky and all. My aim is not the point. I do not think, for example, Putin zero. But I think that in other times it would not shine rovnenky nothing. According to Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Medvedev just quietly keep quiet. Everything has been said not me. As well as about Mao, Kim, Castro. On each — his own.

Unfortunately, the modern means of informing the design allows a very personal, almost all. Whole the question of how to submit it. We are used to zombozhvachke out of the box as getting used to all the everyday. Mobile phones, Skype, and other vebu. We get used to clot disk imaging, which falls to us on the head so that he could not really react to it. Do not have time. Hvatanuli on tops and all. As the pace of life has accelerated so that is simply impossible to distinguish from the Volga trickle of information specifically nezapyatannoy disk imaging and uncomplicated. And therefore are content infofastfudom. And this, in fact, from us and need. Intercepted on the go, and good. Need to run on. This is the lifeline for pastors who need to keep the reins at any cost. And the most common method is specifically in the fact that the average person just does not have time to digest whole stream info and enjoyed, so to speak, an abbreviated version of a volume of 15-minute newscast. Acts firmly and easily. Examples of the shaft, because let just a couple.

Was the police. Something sick. Let's remake it to the police. And clean the ranks of corrupt officials and any werewolves. Well, put on a show. Perelepili stickers on cars, dressed in the latest form, staged idiocy with recertification. Finally got to the same reduction in the series. Here are just left in the main those who have not willed the means to pay for the passage, in other words, experienced workers who remained until retirement so that the aborted million not paid off to. I figure does not take from the ceiling, as many have voiced my friend, Colonel. In the end, he works as a consultant in agricultural firms and in a coffin seen all of this reform. Were young, to whom it is profitable. Not only experience, to train some. In the end, that is a wimp? Well, you know. A lot of noise has been around Kazan, so what? Such throughout the Russian Federation, as thrashed and thrash as the current figachit and continue as crowbars hung on and hung. But Nurga reported on the purification of the series — which means everything is in order. Rows clean. The whole question of who. And then the media is almost silent, and grace … In the reports of the victories of the rarest and resignations. Well, what about the resignation put it mildly, is not clear. How would Ogogo, kicked down a pack! And then it turns out that perfect and not expelled and exiled for length of service, as well, or there is a local resident wrote … I for some reason more inclined to trust the local specifically than Televizornaya.

About the acts of our own government just hunt be silent. I keep quiet. I'm not talking about the fact that all the statements should be taken across the street. In other words, if they say that, once harvested a record grain harvest, one would expect a rise in price of bread. By the way, waited. If solemnly assert that the oil companies are fined for mess with the prices — necessary expect a rise in price of petrol. I'll be quiet and silent … about how one party before the elections, screaming at all intersections of the fact that one of the main objectives — to prevent the growth of prices for housing and communal services. Or the party defeated not because you want to, or something like that, but I'm not talking about that, too … Well, you're with me shut up together too. Therefore, how to scream like is illegal. So now we are silent …

How to submit all — that's the main task of our time. Most importantly — a beautiful wrapper and a maximum of a small disk imaging. In other words, especially when nothing is learned. Here I am not talking as a representative of the retired law enforcement agencies decided to take care of rooks. That they were able to fly to the south. And for this you need to teach them to fly and navigate in space. The whole country watched this three day or an exciting report, as a man on the aircraft posing as a pack leader. But whether or not the authority of the birds captured, or something like that, but later entered a greedy information that rooks never flew. And some even killed in the process of learning. It happens. Initiative is not always useful. Worse, that the example is contagious. Imagine that at the moment nobody in the government or the Duma decided that the case did not come off because of the lack of human tribute to the experience? And suffer the State Duma Speaker, the Prime Minister, or, God forbid, the chair of the President of the flying machine … And grobanetsya from heaven? Here you need to track down and prosecute the initiative … To do no harm. A rook — stupid bird … So now we are silent about it all. To hell with them, with rooks that mor
e cases in the country is not urgent?

About close to each heart the men Defense Ministry also silent. How much has been said about the fact that the budget is too small? How we shouted all the open spaces of the web, it is wrong that the army and navy, the country should be? And they heard, probably … you remember how things were glad when they announced the allocation of five billion rubles … on this good deal? As discussed including the number of aircraft to be built this year? And as some craven on this Web site were these words, to say the least doubt? Cowards are silent now, silent and all the others. But instead of the records and reports of acceptance into service of aircraft and helicopters are the materials on which the thieves were sitting in MO. Channel "Star" in the details and the numbers speak who has how much money has been withdrawn, jewelery, demonstrated apartment … So I just 1st did not realize why it was not covered in the reports as unnecessary: it was plundered before, or have already take away these Billion? About the fact that some of these people were known as friends of 1 person, very similar to the 1 representative of the St. Petersburg intelligentsia, again I say nothing. Therefore, they all used to work in a team of people together with another person. Who does not know how to fly a bomber, not teaching crows fly, can not sustain the fight and tennis, kind to the plumbing, and still is an inspiration for many.

It turns out that technological progress is very hands on when it is necessary just to fool some of the people in a particular country separately. The recipe is simple, all for it there is, so why not? All the world is spinning faster, time to analyze everything that is happening less, more than most of the trust that is generally infopotoke. A main goal infopotoka in our brains serve to simply distract from what really should pay their attention and open a discussion. Loud and sonorous. And so makarom make people far not the most bad in a lot of countries Zombakov only able to croak on "Thanks for the party lover built roads, bridges, hospitals, etc.." And you know what the biggest problem with the my point of view? And the fact that after reading all this, every guest of this web site has the right to send me to … to … to … and so individually zombaki he is not. And he will be right. That's the problem: namely, every person, and in general — a handful in the country that wants something and does.

I'm not saying to go to the barricades. I'm not saying to break on opposition rallies. This, of course, absurd. It's just razvlekalovo for those at the top and the method of letting off steam just to grayish biomass. But what to do something necessary, there is no doubt. And then we sit here, such intelligent and understanding, reason, express representations. But we forget that there was a country in the last century, where he had a lot of smart and dissent. And as they did, dissenters, all the conditions for dissent and express their thoughts aloud. Fenced off, however, the total mass, so as not to embarrass their brains they dissent … are provided with food, work … well, figured out what I mean. How pochetaemye who did not finish? Web — is, of course, until well … But in light of some zakonoprinyaty in the spirit of freedom of speech and thought, just can not wait. It's in them, there Birkenau Museum. And we have all sorts of lags still missing, purely hinges on the gates of grease and invite Lenin's room for debate all comers. Well, not really stand on ceremony with those who argue there is no lust. Experience the glory … won what.

So I do not say goodbye, I still have a couple of topics that I would like to be quiet. And what if someone smart to me, not quite advanced, prisovetuet — I will be grateful. So I feel like I have to be more … fun. And informative.

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