Informant Julian Assange can be executed

Informant Julian Assange can be executedDecember 16 in the U.S. will begin the trial of 23-year-old Bradley Manning, a military analyst. Past Pentagon official charged in the transfer disk imaging website Wikileaks. In the event of a conviction soldier facing the death penalty.

Against Manning investigators have put forward more than 22 charges, including "aiding the enemy" and "divulging military secrets." According to experts, judging by the leaks admitted by military investigators, accusation, likely to seek imprisonment for Manning. He faces about 52 years in prison.

Over the defendant intervened huge number of human rights organizations, including Amnesty International enjoying significant authority. Human rights activists point: that Manning was arrested without any proof being denounced by a colleague which "Exposed the traitor." Bradley kept in the slammer for two months without being formally charged. There were complaints from the War of the terrible proclamation that periodically bordered on torture.

Bradley Manning is charged in the transfer of the head of Julian Assange Wikileaks Web site account with a helicopter "Apache". His crew was shot for the fun of a group of journalists, which included reporters and "Reuters". After that, neither dealt with people who were trying to assist the wounded. Not counting disk imaging on the "hunt for people with helicopters," Manning has been made public materials that confirm that South American military tortured prisoners and unarmed Iraqis.

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