Information about the failure of the test submarine Severodvinsk does not correspond to reality

Some media messages about the failure of tests of nuclear submarine with missile torpedo (CARDS) Project 885 (code "Ash") "Severodvinsk"Do not correspond to reality, said today ITAR-TASS official dealer of the United Shipbuilding Company (USC).

"Show in some media allegations of severe shortcomings identified during testing of nuclear submarine"Severodvinsk"4th generation have no foundation," — he said. "Submarine "Severodvinsk"Which produces the factory running tests in Snow White Sea in full accordance with the approved applets" — said the official.

As explained by the ITAR-TASS Head of the Department of Municipal defense contracts USC Vice-Admiral Anatoly helmets: "This example program tests carried out according to plan. In 2011, there have been three successful release of" Severodvinsk "on tests in the sea, in the current year have been two further successful exit . At the moment, Submarine preparing for the newcomer out to sea. "

Helmets also denied media reports show about Tipo dilemmas that occur in a nuclear power plant subs. "As the tests show, the nuclear power plant ship one hundred percent corresponds to the tactical and technical features, as was proved in the test period," — said the head of the Department of USC.

"Severodvinsk"On its own architecture is a single-shaft polutorakorpusnoy boat with reduced acoustic field. Felling has streamlined rounded shape, which is available in a pop-up camera for the whole crew. Strong Corps (PC) is divided into 9 sections. For the first time in the practice of Russian shipbuilding torpedo tubes placed not in the nose, and for the central compartment of fasting. This has completely freed fore end to accommodate the new antenna sonar system. missile weapon used for vertical launchers placed in the PC as subs and torpedo tubes.

To reduce the noise level foreseen the widespread use of insulating and cushioning foundation for all devices, sound-absorbing coatings, etc. According to experts, polutorakorpusnaya architecture will allow as much to do better concealment.

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