Information about the opening event of 7 Seals

First, it should be noted that the opening event of "7 Seals" affects a large part of the players, one can even say 99% of all players server. Coupled with this opening event appeared catacombs and necropolis. Specifically for this opening event data locations were made, not in order to level up your character to farm or an item as incorrectly believe players.

Opening event feature is that it has a cyclical structure, which lasted two weeks, despite the fact that the server when buying Adena can accelerate this event. Total opening event in two steps, each of which lasts for one week. In the first week passes Step Struggle, and the second — Step Victory. Start opening event is scheduled for Sat at 18.00. The registration process is open only in the first week. After player will be registered, it may visit cemeteries or catacombs, no matter for which side he participates.

Second week, called Step Victory, absolutely created to favorites. So Makar, the losing side does not have access to the catacombs or necropolises. In addition, the leaders have a lot of additional prizes to give them seven seals. Together with the other prizes, it is necessary to note the emergence in the catacombs of characters such as the Merchant or the Blacksmith of Mammon. This NPC is appreciated in the game world, because it allows you to trade and get some useful items, but more on that later. In addition, side favorites has privileges if they have their own castle. Also, in the dungeons can meet eventovyh Reydovyh Bosov, for example Lilith or Anakim. Also, the spirits in the town and some mobs are changing your own look.

As will be activated second print, in the town will be ghosts and spirits who can throw the beneficial effects on the players from the favorites or negative effects on the losing side. Also, these NPC will constantly hammer chat messages. According bolshennomu account of the effects of these characters can dodge if avoided meeting them. To do this, move fairly close to the wall. If you belong to the party favorites and still get the effect of the ghost, but it does not suit you, then take it off one can only in the event of death or at the end of the 20 minutes. Such actions will make a perfume throughout Step Victory.

In the towns there are priests 7 Signs that belong to the brotherhood of Mammon. Once determined the winning side and struck, it appears NPC option "to purchase the product." Of course, buying a product is only available for the favorites. In this section, you can either purchase products for Ancient Adena or for everyday Aden by the way, buy Aden too one can in a special section on the website Old Aden is a unique currency that allows you to get the best stuff. Old Aden gives a small advantage. Get her out of print stones that are mined in the catacombs.

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