Information as a condition of preservation of the unity of the Russian world

Present to you the text of the editor-in-chief of the portal "Our homeland and citizens," Valery Ivanovich Mosheva in international scientific and practical conference "The 1,150 th anniversary of the formation of the Old country: History and Geopolitics", held under the auspices of the Forum plainclothes Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, with the participation of the Institute of Russian abroad, Sevastopol, September 14, 2012

1150th anniversary of the foundation of ancient country about which was convened by civil forum of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus, has tremendous importance not only from the standpoint of historical science. Now, maybe we are on one of the last and decisive lines of the entire Russian civilization. Just only one step, a maximum of one human generation to separate us from the choice: to be or do not have one Russian state in the XXI century and the following centuries and millennia.

1150 years ago, our forefathers have done the prerequisites to, to cover his time with everlasting glory in the memory of millions of grateful descendants. There are no easy times. The share of each generation fall out their difficulties, their own, once insurmountable seemingly crises. But the Lord above strength test does not. The main thing is we have these powers given to us to make moral, spiritual, civilian and military heroism is not wasted in vain, to strife, to momentary pleasures and temporary glory, the desire which always comes from our pride.

Our Russian world shattered. And not just new political boundaries and the formation of new geopolitical habitats, of which inevitably try to squeeze the primordial concept of the Russian land. We are fragmented, even within those enclaves, in what was cast in 1991, is a tremendous part of the Russian people who had never been so overwhelmed by the former. The tragic consequences of the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the XX century are comparable to the fears of the October Revolution and the civilian war, the consequences of the Napoleonic invasion, or the closest to us in time disaster — Lofty Russian war. Time of Troubles — another milestone of that as it has come to us in recent years, many foreign string of dates on which the fate hung in the balance of, the majestic Russian people — all that originated the creation of the country's ancient 1150 years ago.

Greed, fragmentation, ambition, self-interest of the elites have repeatedly raised our millennial government to the brink of extinction. Now the situation is not much better. Moreover, if earlier it was possible to talk about the fragmentation of elites specifically for unity, nevertheless, manage people, now must talk about the fragmentation of the Russian people. At first broken by the "Russian" Russian and those 30 million who have been thrown outside cowering like shagreen leather, Russia. Later, almost immediately, the Russian left outside of your own country, too, finished form a coherent whole, since the further followed the path of the state independence of former Soviet republics, the more they dissociated themselves from the Russian Federation and of each other. As can be seen, and 30 million ethnic Russian is also not sostavlyalyut already one whole. They turned into Russian in the Baltic, Russian Caucasus, Russian Central Asia, Russian in Ukraine and Belarus, and, in a totally atomized so far emigrants abroad.

And each of the Russian community has begun its own, separate life! Under the laws, more precisely, by the laws of the state-independent countries in which they are, but their own will remain outside the Russian Federation, were second-class citizens, and once even just aliens — aliens — non-citizens who are slain by the full range of rights is not only practically as it happens in almost all the national republics Russophobic minded, and legally — in Latvia and Estonia, Russian inequality is enshrined in law for 20 years.

What this means in effect for all of us, for the whole of the majestic Russian civilization, conditionally including a self-determined politically Ukrainians and Belarusians? This means, in the 1-x, that we do not actually relate more real. What do we have left only one general majestic historical, political and cultural past, on this we all gathered here today. Under the risk the unity of our civilization! The country is already fragmented. The territory of the Russian land, or so called Big broken the boundaries of the Russian Federation on the reservation, one of which was part of the Russian people do not admit to the other. Fed by a different, different in all cells, different conditions and methods of post-Soviet training. And even the temperature in the cells are different.

Sorry to be such, a little shocking image, but I have to resort to means of expressive language, because, unfortunately, the awareness of the terrible consequences of this enforced our alienation from each other until this time was not enough in order to have even within these enclosures in We are driven, in the framework of Estonia or Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia and Kazakhstan, or we, Russia, have not finished even longer divide and compatriots in the movement.

Neuzh the same 1150 years of Russian history, such a long and glorious experience of Russian statehood, slightly bitter, but the most memorable experience of defeat and troubled times, all of which, as our forefathers went undefeated, neuzh-this same experience as us anything and did not teach ? Neuzh even under the threat of extinction of unity of the Russian civilization we do not stop to share grants and a seat at the cocktail reception in the Kremlin? What is the fault of a similar unfortunate state of affairs?

In-1's, of course, does not legally decorated and constantly to question the role of the state-of the Russian people in the heart of the Russian world — Russia. Hence the feud that stretches from which all citizens are suffering, strife, inspired by the loss of meaning on top of commonly used definitions is very fundamental to all of us define our national, political and citizenship understanding of the world.

In practice, with Russian compatriots, well, with all the Russian people have repeated the Gospel parable of the Tower of Babel. We have been commissioned to build two towers at once to heaven — one of our motherland, the other — the Russian world. But with the introduction of the word "Russians" and completely blurred the concept of "Russian compatriots" — we were quite mixed biblical languages. Our homeland, the Russian world, fellow citizens, Russian, russkokulturnye, Russian-speaking — everyone is free to interpret the meaning of these words in his own way. But the concept is not filled with a clear sense dead. And together with them dies and the fact that these dead words to this call in a very concrete, understandable to the value of one nation.

So Makar, the unity of the Russian people as a split in the most of — the division into Russian and Russian — and beyond, as the Russian compatriot we can actually each. And conscious immigrant unknown nationality, but has retained Russian citizenship, from New York or London is constantly voting against the current Russian government, financial sponsoring another coup for our common homeland — and not by choice turned out to be outside of Russia Russian, who deliberately dumped there Our brand new home of Yeltsin, the Russian undergoing overt pressure from the authorities of the host country and for the fact that he Russian and for the fact that it supports the existing political power in Russia!

Value in relation to their compatriots abroad, surrendered in the near future at least verbally, neighboring countries — countries of the CIS and the Baltic States, in fact, has not yet emerged. I'm afraid that the next Congress in St. Pete
rsburg citizens will again show us the first plan pochetaemyh guests from Paris and London, Canberra, Tel Aviv and Brussels, but not from Kyrgyzstan or Transnistria.

I say all this not in order to convict someone once or condemn or punish the claim. Not at all. I'm just giving examples of stunning disintegration of our civilization, not even having a common language, because for us the most important words in the Russian language as a result of political practice is common to have lost all meaning Russian. What are these words? Let me remind you again: Motherland, Fatherland, Russian the world, the Russian people, national, Russ, faith, reference, government, values, sense of life, patriotism, repatriation, civilization and nationality, dignity, morality. Even such common words as Excellent and BAD were designated for different parts of the Russian people sometimes just polar things. This number can be multiplied and multiplied to infinity. And the consequences of all this discordant and Babylonian nevnyatitsy lost their common language of the Russian builders of the world — a truly tragic — the Russian people is rapidly losing its unity!

Let me quote a passage from the book very fascinating South American linguist, sociologist and political scientist Nancy Ries' Russian debate. Cultural and speech ordinariness era of perestroika. " The book came out at us relatively recently — in 2005:

"In addition to the metaphorical references to the shared history, in everyday speech, and provides guidance to other, more real foundation of an ethnic community. Often, as a general Russian media properties they say about the flesh and blood and genes. But on closer examination used in the tropes of this kind of communication is that Russianness blood, genes or flesh gives specific experience physical, bodily life in Russia, the experience of Russian life. It turns out that the Russian character — organic quality, a sort of "sludge", formed as a result of the "reaction" — a man living his own life in the context of Russian history. "(Nancy Rice. Russian debate. Culture and speech ordinariness era of perestroika. — M: New Literary Review, 2005).

I'm here to focus on two concepts: "the experience of Russian life" and "living man of his own life in the context of Russian history" — that, according to the views of the researcher, defines membership in the Russian civilization.

Colleagues from Belarus and Ukraine, these words, for sure, slightly zadenut. But for good reason — it's not a reproach to those who do not povinet that ultimately geopolitical catastrophe was out of, and besides, not by choice. These theses posodeystvuyut I just go to the last part of my post in this pochetaemoy audience.

We, Russian — broken people. Now we find ourselves overwhelmed by the greatest nation in the world. In connection with the 1150 anniversary of the beginning of the history of the Russian state about it, for sure, do not recall too. Glorious past, severe true we already have. How do we do a happy future?

So, we have just mentioned as desired term on the formation of the Russian people "experience of Russian life … and ownership to the context of Russian history." We are gathered here with you — representatives of the 3-brotherly countries — Russia, Ukraine and Belarus — specifically because of belonging to another as long as the context of Russian history. And that gives us hope. Reverence for the past one — one of the foundations of the unity of civilization. But what we have now, talking about the experience of "physical, bodily life in Russia, the experience of Russian life"?

Let's think about what criteria are formed in the now Russian people outside of Russia? Let me remind you, it is about 30 million Russian people. This 25 Estonia, incidentally. Belarus or three …

I myself compatriot, you can say almost reference. My ancestors from Perm, thanks to his father-border guard I was born in Turkmenistan, spent his childhood in Estonia, almost 30 years has lived in Latvia. It was only 7 years ago, I was able to fulfill the child still in Russian while still cherished dream — 7 years ago I came back with the whole family, including parents, in Russia. The circle is closed. But even I, our whole family, never broke ties with their historical homeland, in what we have, and close relatives — from Kamchatka to Voronezh and experience of study and work, and constant trips to Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, even to this day we are getting used to to life at home. So she had to swap over the past few years with the restructuring. It is a large reservoir of Russian life, which passed us by. We fell out of the information space of, we fell out of a common information space of the Russian world. Why is that? Since this day the common information space of the Russian world still is not there yet. It just builds up, with difficulty, to attempts to promote a large flywheel and give it the right momentum to gain momentum and is not braked.

Why do I say that we have fallen out of the information space of the Russian Federation? Yes, we watched on TV programs from Russian, yes, we read books published in Russia, yes, we listened to Russian radio and firmly remember the slogan that "all will be well." But we are not at the physical level lived experience of Russian life! A common information field — it's not only the announcements of culture, politics or economics. The general information field — this is your fate smooth dependence on what happens in YOUR country and your people. We have different legislation in Latvia and Russia. We all had different as between Mars and Jupiter! We were paying various taxes and civilians took advantage of a variety of rights. Important nuances of human life — health, education, awareness of history, political views, belonging to various military units, in the end, the language environment around values and attitudes towards the meaning of life, to the issues of confession to the recipes home cooking — all different! Even the behavior at work, attitude to her business relationship between the employees and to the authorities — all different! That's what the "experience physical life in Russia." But the task of the Russian Federation and, default, for example, or concerning the configuration of each Russian legislation — different momentous changes in the top leadership of the country for us — the Russian inhabitants of Latvia — had still only indirect importance. Do not depend on them our life! Come and work on all of this, being out of, we could not.

I am a long time explaining the new employees that we have here, in Russia, is still truly social government, which bailed out the lives of millions of Russians! — Should I laugh at best, and at worst almost threw in the clash. And when I talked about the fact that the Baltic capitalism began in 1992 — as the light was turned off, with no transition, which was three months rather than pay for an apartment and 10's of thousands of families (despite nationality) have been thrown out with the children, with household goods by the police in the snow, going nowhere, to destroy it without giving the home — no one believed me that Europe is blessed be.

But when I came from a country where Russian in 1991 was in fact half of the population, and in all the big cities of Latvia at the moment even more Russian lives than Latvians, when I came from a country in which there is not even any of the 1st town based Latvians and with all of this "mono-Latvian state" — I still do not believe that a little over 80 per cent of Russian in Russia — is a reason to call it the Russian state.

But this is Latvia. Russian in Kazakhstan live their own, separate life, as well as a life different from Russian to Latvian and Russian in Russia. In Crimea — again my song. Lviv — the other. And in M
insk third. And in Russia itself one life, too, because there is no civilization, otherwise we would not have heard anything about the laws of Sharia and polygamy in the Russian countryside!

Why am I telling you this, many here present employees well-known things? And the fact that the vast vserasprostranenny and very harmful myth that even while living separately, without of — in the Crimea or blessed Kazakhstan Kokchetav or are still Russian, but has long been deserted because of unemployment Daugavpils — Dvinsk, Russia still may forever remain Russian and even the best Russian than Russian in Russia than the big Russian people at home — a myth that still is a myth!

Outside the country's total, out of a common information field, which includes not only the announcements of cultural festivals or bast shoes and shawl in Berlin or Bishkek — is intrigued by blood in the political, economic decisions made in Russia — Russian dissolved people in the vast space divided into cells of the Russian world. Lost Russian civilization, unless it is combined into a single geographical location, political, economic and information. And the vain hope of many of our fellow citizens remain Russian, without moving, if only she Our homeland will not come to him again, as well as once drained from them. But in some places it's going to happen, and here and there and there. And we remain strongly enough time in order to connect the Russian civilization in a single state, which alone will allow Russian to preserve a single holistic Russian dignified people. And just do not have a lot of time left on it, so to move everyone to remain Russian and live your life in the context of Russian history. We are talking about those areas which have not recently may be one way or the other, but, obviously, voluntarily incorporated into the Russian government, or at least European-Asian alliance.

Assimilation of Russian — a process that is already running without annoying in for a generation! And this process is irreversible. Many of our Russian brothers, it seems that they are the same Russian as they were 20 years ago, despite the fact that 20 years have not been in Russia and have no clue about the real life of the Russian people in our shared historical homeland. This is not the case. This is misleading. This is a myth. And I, as a Russian immigrant from Latvia, have experienced it fully. And if you have already read about our children and grandchildren — Russian children abroad — that they now have yet to become Russian again, if we all did refund our kids and grandkids to the homeland Protz.

The absence of one of the Russian information field of the world — this is the main threat to its existence. We need to know how to live our common Russian people. Now we need to know how he lived in a broken state. We need to know how to live in Turkmenistan and Russia on the Russian Far East, the Ukraine and Latvia, in Dagestan and Kyrgyzstan, everywhere — where they live compactly Russian — not fled abroad themselves of. Since these Russian — we are with you, pochetaemye colleagues, including — it's brand new blood n state, formed 1150 years ago. But instead we should pour in Russian blood of another rhesus and other groups, and this will be the last anniversary of the Russian state, which we celebrate. We do not have much time. We need to dispel harmful legend of Russian communities ability to survive on their own. Outside of one country, which can only be returned to us truly unified information space, the Russian civilization will not.

Our portal "Russian compatriots and" to the best of their own moderates trying to do puzzles together the disparate collection of information about the life of Russian post-Soviet space community, the life of Russian citizens outside of Russia. In conjunction with that, we're trying to tell, as the feedback, the compatriots abroad on important events in the life of Russian RF. That does not quite exploded already thinned, but still connects us thread.

Do not expect invitations to friends! E-mail us about the life of Russian in your countries and regions, and together we will make a let even a small, but necessary contribution to the unification of all-Russian information space. Without this, we do not merge into a single Russian state does not become worthy successors of the builders of the Old Rus'!

All we want or do not want to, have to realize that only by complicity of modern Russian history Russian preserve us. Whatever it is, the current Our homeland was. In Russian the other way, except as cooperation with Russia to pass its historical path — NO. Coupled with the fact no one is forcing us to stay together with Russian Russia. 1150 years ago, our forefathers have made their own choices. Now the choices to be made to us.

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