Information attack on Syria last

The information war against Syria entered a subsequent phase. Through the efforts of the Western media, well, part of the Russian President Bashar al-Assad, who was listed as one of the most liberal Arab rulers turned in recent months in the "Arab Hitler" which already on their "atrocities" stood on one level with the Libyan favorite of the late Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein.

The main challenge for the Western world at the present time is the belief permanent members of the UN Security Council — Russia and China — in the "inhumanity" of the Assad regime and the holding in respect of Syria repressive resolution. So that later, at the end of the operation in Libya, Syria to begin. The benefit of the background information has been prepared in advance, there is a complete set of Western legend, by which forms the consciousness of the inhabitants of the West, and already of — held a campaign about the nuclear programs from Syria, the hysteria over Syria's friendship with Iran of the "axis of evil", has now been able organize the operation to convince the people in the "inhumanity" of the Assad regime.

Good provocation was able to organize in the town of Jisr al-Shughour, where, after killing 120 people from law enforcement authorities had to go on the counter-terrorist operation. The city was surrounded and captured the role of army units, languid arms. And most of the population of the town had gone out before the operation, and some crossed the border with Turkey.

The Western media are trying to present this event as a punitive action, which led to the Tipo countless victims of the civilian population, enforced flee to neighboring Turkey. However, there is a number of questions — who is shooting at soldiers and policemen, civilians? And can participate in this expertly prepared militants bombarded from adjoining Syria Iraq, Jordan, Israel and Turkey? The Western media believe that the shooting at the Syrian army soldiers, police officers who defected to the "people." Somehow illogical, it is difficult to provide for themselves, they are so cold-bloodedly kill their own comrades yesterday. This is the style of Professor killers.

Another cause of hysteria was the arrest of a 25-year-old lesbian-feminist Syrian-American Amina Abdallah Al-Raf al-Omari, who Tipo spent her childhood in the States and now lives in Damascus and were harassed by the Syrian authorities. In the Western world, this report caused a bombshell. "Progressive" public awareness campaign started with the motto "Freedom Amin Al-Raf». React and the U.S. State Department. However, it later emerged that the blog on behalf of fabrications "heroine", which talks about "atrocities of the regime," led the Yankees Tom MacMaster, living in Scotland. A supported his Bill Graber, running editor of news website for lesbians

Turkey's position

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that will open the doors for everyone to escape from the horrors of war, and once this has urged President Assad to "end the atrocities" and start reforms in the country. Turkish prime minister can understand: who wants to contain thousands of refugees if Syria will begin full-scale war. Moreover, the tourist industry will be severely damaged — near the Mediterranean coast.

Moreover, the Turks were able to construct a frisky time at the border to refugee camps, where they held a light, water and even the gutter. Provided food and medical aid.

And Ankara is preparing the script and negative developments as well, the local newspaper "Hurriyet" said: "A source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that among the likely scenario is considered a buffer zone if Turkey sent hundreds of thousands of refugees." Turkey has already experienced the creation of a "buffer zone" of security. The Turkish army has created such a zone in the north of Iraq, when carrying out an operation against Kurdish rebels on the Iraqi countryside. The essence of the process: it's almost military operation, on the area of the adjacent countries (Syria) are introduced Turkish troops occupy border areas, providing security for the local population and exporting refugees from Turkey in the area. In other words almost be occupied by part of the country, and there is established the power of the Turkish administration.

But it can cause a full-scale war: Syrian army has more than 300 thousand people and full of languid arms, it is not clear that she would give up without a fight Turkish troops occupy the area. Q: how to treat this Tehran — it is considered an ally of Damascus. And Turkey, a NATO member, could count on the support block.

Summarizing, we can say that almost all of Syria's fate is dependent on the rigidity of the position of China and the Russian Federation. And in Beijing and Moscow have to give yourself to report that the situation when the U.S. and NATO arbitrarily decide questions concerning the legality or illegality of the regime or the other, "democratic" one way or another country is a danger not only al-Assad or Gaddafi , and around the world.

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