Information breakthrough of the world population

As everyone knows, specifically unlimited freedom transfer disk imaging, which once wanted the best representatives of the world's population, is fully legitimate accelerates scientific and technical development of the entire human civilization. What, in fact, expresses the very essence of this civilization and its best representatives. Determination of the best representatives of syzveka lies in their ability to create excessive flow of information, taking up most of the space is the noosphere. Which leads to fair competition and does not mind the limited ability of self-expression for at least some inhabitant of the free world.

Free world normally protects even non-standard own representatives from the world of proprietary software with free, in other words exactly no one is dependent, information effects.

A free informational influence, in turn, supported by naval, land and air bases in all regions, the free movement of carrier battle groups with high-precision instrument and the possibility to apply aerospace strikes to prevent possible information blockades.

That is so organic, the assurances of command kibervoysk Pentagon arranged world free disk imaging.

This unheard-of freedom information flow leads to a previously unheard-of freedom of trade, freedom of speech, freedom of human values and human rights.

Global science and modern information and other technologies, by virtue of their constant development and improvement, and not at the request of some particular sections of society, do not stop on the results achieved in the twentieth century.

In addition to new cutting-edge types of chewing gum, increasing and accelerating the production of gastric juice, and protecting enamel from natural crooked, flush with sverhtehnologichny braces and bridges, in order to effectively increase sales of hamburgers and hot dogs, developing different types of kitchen tools that allow easier serious stage of self- food manufacturing modern individual, yet do not have the ability to frequent the restaurant or food frisky army canteen free of advanced countries, ranging freely on the territory of its country. This once again reminds everyone of the educated population greater than the reference ground in facilitating the everyday existence of at least some of the civilization. And of the highest achievements of world science in the face of his best western representatives.

Earlier, before the emergence of technological progress, all the necessary manipulations of processing goods backward in terms of technology forefathers, usually located in your hands, let him swiftly and deftly, but somehow hard, made using only the 1st knife in a couple of minutes.

The modern advanced occupant with hands rising as a result of modern education from non-traditional, highly spiritual, places, does the same work, it is not natuzhivayas, with a few technical devices for a few short hours, before studying for a multi-volume control for use. What finally allows him to take all the excess free time and avert neplyuralistichnyh reflection on the theme: "Why the hell I need all this? '.

Since it does not need it, and the education of the public land dedication stamps kettles, coffee makers and grinder with a guaranteed time, after which there will need to purchase a new, more stranded equipment. Can a similar process sverhtehnologichny match in pleasure with a single simple knife Protz, which they sometimes used their entire life?

It is to such a light, harmonious and highly spiritual world of the future to come, over time, all else remaining on the planet, the population of the earth. Those who can not be reconstructed in the criteria of technical progress, untimely sink into oblivion. As did their distant ancestors. And that does not threaten minded contemporaries.

They say about it all the trends of today.

Many hours of shows on television constantly perfecting methods of implementation sverhtehnologichny kitchen inventions of world science develops the imagination of these, as they are there, people, allowing creators and host of TV shows repeated friction in the repetition of learned phrases. Which, of course, at the same time increasing their own journalistic professionalism. And along the way allows consumers to face the audience in person between themselves just to look for a number of new topics for hours of discussion.

But there is one does not explicable phenomenon that can be called Finomenom walls.

No, not the Wailing Walls.

And do not even Wailing Walls.

This phenomenon appears in the propagation of the global democratic processes designed to protect human values and freedom of expression of the personal values of human rights and freedom of thought.

The accelerated and complexity of the world and the scientific technical the progress of a sudden, time after time, from all over the runway, hits the wall of the long-term lifestyle and traditions of these, as they are there, the peoples of the earth.

The modern world of science, in the face of Western scholars, politicians and the military, all of a sudden it turns out that these, as they are there, the people of Earth's own weight does not want to change their own lifestyle and traditions Protz for their own ad-hoc averaging naisredneyshego class in the form of educated liberals, serious professions never have.

What was quite unexpected for the world community as most of these liberals in the amount of less than 1% of the population of the planet.
And, apparently, so close to the reality of the universal dream of his villa and a yacht in the Caribbean or on the curving coast of Florida should outweigh the idealistic dreams of knowledge of any universal happiness of mankind. And even empty thinking about it, as his sense of existence.

After all, the modern world of science in the face of the most educated Western scientists have long noticed that during the busy work of the gastro-intestinal tract of the intensity of thoughts, ideas and passions even falls entirely applicable to the background level, which allows the human weight, comfortable and stress-free to serve time in the office or to defend McDonald put working hours.

And therefore completely understandable that most breakthrough ideas are able to generate only Western, well-fed and diverse scientists, and not any there ever hungry North Koreans, Iranians, Chinese, and even more so, feral, and while no one civilized Russia.

In truth, in the territories of the lack of democracy is not there any, really cool imagination scope of the invention and mass deployment of Food Processors, clever slicer and grinders talking!

That, of course, once again proves the technology and the technological backwardness of these areas and the natives inhabiting them.

The walls of the phenomenon ruthlessly deprived of these technologically backward natives of their age-old right to technical improvement criterion of domestic life. In particularly difficult environment in such a backward class liberals committed to Western cultural values. Due to the fact that they are all, in the main, have secondary education, the average capacity and average intellectual and physical data, and they are called — the middle class. As you know, all the accomplishments and efforts to implement these advances in the free world designed specifically for the middle class. Including the rhetoric of presidents and their authorized representatives.

And so the great efforts of the international community in the face of these presidents and their representatives constantly and generously focused on the crushing
of the wall of misunderstanding. What excellent assist imparted dreams of private villa, car, boat and bank account information is securely protected in the western bank. With a full guarantee that this bill will not undergo sudden blockage freeze or use by others.

The Presidents of the free world, and their representatives, as guarantors of human rights can guarantee it is at least what the man. Regardless of his sexy looks, political opinions or beliefs of sexy and political views.

Of course, there are some difficulties in the free flow of thoughts of freedom and democracy and instilling the right of universal dreams.

How exactly at one point was the number of villas and yachts on the coast of Florida and the Caribbean archipelago does not correspond to the number of these, as they are there, the peoples of the earth. And so the net total for villas and yachts are able to claim only a less than 1% who spend their lives in the great spiritual dreams and thoughts about the backwardness of these, as they are there, the peoples of the earth.

And therefore all the others who are just on the physical level will not fit on the proposed LUKOMORYE as should think about buying new kitchen facilities in the form of ultra-modern Slicer.

Global manufacturers of the free world with delight deliver personal Slicer to order in any part of the world.
A carrier battle connections guarantee the accuracy of the free world and the security of the delivery.

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