Information pressure on the younger replenishment of Russian Air Force

As you know, in a dispute born truth. But often the argument is converted into a set of monologues, each of which tries to be presented as the only impartial position without providing the ability of the opposing party to express their point of view. In such a situation, look for a particle of truth is very hard.

Release of officers in the flying school in Krasnodar © Vladimir Anosov. To

About this trend is now observed in our country in terms of coverage of the situation with the Air Force. The press has a significant modicum of systematic published materials, which tells of the fact that the situation in the Russian Air Force so abysmal that the structure of the young pilots "run" virtually and practically organized groups that up … It is reported that the young people went to the military profession explorers Heaven to find himself and to fill large bills wallets … And now, they say, to fool them all, so much so that then the only way forward for the young lieutenant — is, pardon the expression, "screw up" on medical and flight of the expert committee (VLEK ) to receive a certificate of unfitness and — forward — to a bright future with civilian immensely highest wages, where the young with no experience, specialist pilots almost kiss the joy in a variety of places.

Newspaper "News"In his own not long ago released a number specifies a truly apocalyptic numbers that indicate that the Tipo 80 young lieutenants of the Air Force began to feature as many as 60 layoffs through VLEK. Why in VLEK? Since this is the only chance Tipo break this "vicious circle", receiving the "liberation" from binding to the sky. A prerequisite that turns out to be a typical financial hazing, when to fly and when the youth is allowed, it is only on the scale, that is not committed to meet the required standards departures. Frame all other hours spent in the sky behind the wheel of a combat vehicle, are distributed between the "grandfathers" (pilots with a great experience), and who are paid more than 100 thousand rubles. At this time, the creators of "Izvestia" of the material put out by other publications, are concerned that the young pilots get your hands on foreign exchange allowance "just something" about 50 thousand rubles, but promised them a bit if not in a couple of times.

If you believe such figures without checking them, then, indeed, it may seem that the young guys need to find other places to self-realization. They say, well where is necessary — the young man did not pay more than 50 thousand, besides the ruble equivalent … Hmmm …

But in reality the situation is, to put it mildly, not exactly.

Managing the press service of the Western Military Area Colonel Bobrun said that over the past couple of years in any WEST 1st report on the dismissal in store from young pilots have been reported. It turns out that in the secondary cooling zone or are serving specifically those 20 young Air Force lieutenants who "is not transferred to the reserve", "Izvestia", or the creators of the material is above the somewhat distort the facts regarding the situation with the Russian Air Force as a whole and the service yesterday cadets in the Air Forces viz.

On the other hand, if we continue to consider the reasons given in the article about the "total flight" young pilots of the Russian Air Force units, it turns out that for the 22-23-year-old male who received lieutenant shoulder straps, the first place is only currency allowances and not oath that they were pleased to give, being students of flight schools. The situation is more than a quixotic: if young people come to the Air Force only means, besides sostraivayut sour face from the fact that experienced pilots spend more hours in the sky, if they are, then from these young lieutenants must be disposed of by the very air force. After all, as you know, if essence of the question for the person wearing the insignia of a Russian officer, limited only by the money, there is nothing quite good from that officer is not expected. Apparently, even in the presence of danger to the country he first perechtet its currency allowances, and later neither doth: whether to do it or go sortie on medical-flight fee into a symbol of disagreement with finchastyu …

Naturally, the realities of the transition to a market economy dictate its laws, but these laws do not become decisive in the field of activity such as military service. Certainly, the incentives for young pilots — A little problem in principle, but now, the very small, not timidly read that such incentives on the part of the country is not carried out. This preferential mortgage loans, payment of rent and housing, and preferential place for the kids (if such young officer managed to acquire) in kindergartens. If it does not cause the young pilots, then of course — forward — to write a report …

According to the same Andrey Bobrun, young pilots a year after the lieutenant's shoulder straps become owners of qualification "Pilot Third class. " This qualification allows them to help others to do the training and combat tasks in landfills neighborhood. Everyday mining operations in emergency situations, take-off, landing in different weather conditions, the integration of the flight control team to have allowed virtually equal the number of hours spent in the sky behind the wheel of a young pilot and aircraft pilots of the 1st class. Of course, to qualify and you must pass a series of exams that are already demonstrating how young pilot I am ready to do tasks assigned to it.

Specifically, qualifying exams and often serve tenderloin ground for media materials about "mass layoffs" young pilots of the Air Force. Only when all this weird way the creators of the materials are silent about the facts when a certain percentage of subjects these same tests simply fails. But this trend of modern times, when the young people (and this applies not only to the pilots) want to get everything at once without any commitment: say, who need these exams to practicing skills for managing new combat vehicles, because we have this read in books … And now, just give us a hand on the steering wheel, but on 100-150 thousand rubles in the pocket — and then we'll create a so-nibudt in the sky … A sort of position mercenary soldiers — not to say differently. Only mercenaries generally have a decent experience under his belt …

Speaking of the normal flight of 100 hours per year, which has been criticized again Tipo many young pilots (say, 100 hours does not swoop), is to provide data for the Southern Military District. Here at the air base General Kravchenko, formed in 2010, is produced by a large circle of flight training. It includes group maneuverable combat, flying at low altitudes, air refueling, occupations combat operations in adverse weather criteria. Such acts allow even the young pilot for the year written in the flight activity of up to 150 hours and earn a very impressive foreign exchange allowance. In 2011, two lieutenants airbase flown more than 200 hours each. These numbers — just for those who believe that the rate of 100 hours per year to perform is simply unrealistic. Due to the fact that the air base measured flows newcomer aircraft equipment, in young pilots there is a good opportunity to master it, what is called, in the home criteria. And Airbase SOUTH far not the only one in his own way in the Russian Air Force.

Given the
measured increase in the number of exercises involving military personnel of the Air Force in Russia, it is safe to read: words to the effect that the young pilots in the Air Force today nothing lures, not counting the money side, it's just idle speculation. A task such speculation is probably be to re-sow the seeds of doubt about the future of the Russian Army and the Air Force as a whole viz.

But we must not forget that the Air Force of the Russian Federation (as well as the whole army of the country) have gone through 90, and so any new attacks in the address Air Force looked, very little, not enough relevant and completely unproductive.

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