Information war and the struggle for the minds

NATO has agreed to provide a staging base in Ulyanovsk, Russian government came from the 2-judgments. In 1-x, sending NATO to discover, it was hoped that they would not stay at Manas — a former air base counterterrorist coalition, now — Transit Center at the U.S. Air Force. The object is placed on the area of international airport "Manas", 23 km north-west of Bishkek. Well, in-2, is more important than in-1's, the idea was to give that push for a breakthrough development of a real partnership with the West.
These hopes have not justified, moreover, they made the situation worse. Our homeland is not the country, which provides a possible enemy terrain, even if his non-military transit.

This one, let's call it a gesture of good will, was regarded as a weakness of Western strategy of the Kremlin. Because this seems to be a sensational news has not been adequately covered in the Western media. Moreover, since referred to as the fourth estate has increased in the persecution of biased broadcasting of Russia.

This agreement was reached by Obama and Medvedev personally. But because the U.S. president does not make policy, and only responds to the driving process and sails, so to speak, with the flow, this arrangement was against the interests of America. If you take the interests of the West of today, there is no place for good relations with Russia, we will not forget about economic policy sostavlyayushey intercom West. The debt crisis in America and Europe, forcing them to go to all sorts of tricks. West as air must be, well, even than that distract their own, increasingly dissatisfied people. RF assigned here is special, honorable role otvlekayushim be a factor, in other words, to play ugly guy.

All would not be so bad if you do not take into account the disastrous process for Russia.
In 1-x, domestic. Managed the West constructively minded opposition forces are ready to crush and destroy everything and everyone, without having all of this clear plan of where to move the country as a global player, a country with special responsibility in terms rezvitiya's population as a whole. Do not forget to tell the country, multi-religious and just great. It seems to be aware of it every responsible politician in the country or those who make policy, going to meetings, must be aware of the responsibility. The reality, unfortunately, on the contrary, as a responsibility, too, and there is no awareness of the game, which leads West with Russia.

In-2, foreign policy. Quite a few in the West understand that the Russian realities are quite dismal as their draws the media, and it's totally not what is happening in RF, but the fact that this is just distracting the company. The Western media are subtle, not disdaining the most Zapyataev methods such as minipulyatsiya facts, spread psevdofaktov from untrusted sources or cut out of context cues Russian politicians. It can be observed once a day, most read magazines of the West, appears to have entered the competition, who first obzovet Russian dictatorship. Against Russia opened the most real information war. So here is ruinous, that the present and, of course, tomorrow, otmanipulirovannye Western policy issues need to be dealt with, will create in Russia an enemy. Businesses that do not invest in zahochut Russian sector, just tourists who do not visit Russia zahochut … The Russian language will become the already unpopular in the West. Little did at stake?

Since the Russian Federation imposed the war, to act, confront it, and under no circumstances should you let things drift, because tomorrow it will be difficult to reverse this Yeshe bad tendency.
It is necessary to recognize this as a public danger interessuet Russia. Sozdat need a group of lawyers who have tracked down the most coarse clear violation of the Russian Federation in the broadcast of certain Western media. Politicians need to publicly comment on the case of misinformation, that both Russian and Western audiences perceived note of them. Russian media have to be cut in this confrontation. No response to propaganda, and to highlight that misinformation about RF. Russian citizens, for example, it would be useful to know that the most highly popular German magazine Spiegel Online Putin referred to the voters, beggar who sits on the pocket of the country. Also likely legal challenges to the individual Western media through the same European courts; fundamentally, that the Western commoners have heard of them and thought. Also, in principle, if the same media will realize that in Russia clearly watching over their activities, and obvious propaganda pop up and banging on them as well.

Yeshe importantly responsive to domestic politics, politicians must find a vibrantly vnutrepolitichesky consensus between the ruling party and the oppositions, to search for the unity of the state. It is necessary to begin an unprecedented Stemming Corruption, even opozitsionery such as Navalny, which, sure, he does not realize that West put on him as a destabilizing political map of the country, could have found its rightful place in the government from the standpoint of Stemming Corruption.

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