Information war of the West against Iran

What do the words of the President of the French Republic of Iran? Judging from his speech, he just walked into the image of Napoleon. Not yet finished off Gaddafi, and has threatened to Tehran.

Aug. 31 at a conference of French ambassadors Sarkozy said a fiery speech in which almost threatened the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) war. According to the views of the French president, Tehran refuses to talk seriously, conducts provocation, its military, atomic, missile capability, is a growing threat to the entire international community, which "may lead to a preventive strike on Iranian facilities." Nicolas Sarkozy did not specify who will deliver "preemptive strike", speaking on behalf of the "progressive humanity." According to the French president: "The international community can give a decent answer if it will demonstrate unity, strength" and will introduce new sanctions against Iran.

It is clear that no matter what kind of impunity aggressor generates its appetite. The issue of Libya, almost everything has already been decided. On stage and Syria Iran. But in the case of IRI is not so simple. Let us remember that the U.S. and the EU require Tehran to roll program from the development of peaceful nuclear energy, immediately accusing the Iranian authorities in the secret development of nuclear weapons. Iran rejects the accusations, claiming that nuclear programm the country is focused only on the decision of increasing the population's needs for energy and industry. In June 2010, exactly for this reason that the UN Security Council has approved a fourth resolution, which anticipate the imposition of additional sanctions on Iran. But Tehran's position has remained constant: the Iranian science will continue to move towards progress, no matter what dangers the United States, Western countries and Israel. In addition, Iran has accelerated work on strengthening its own military capabilities.

It should be noted that the outbreak of the "Arab Spring" the situation surrounding Iran continued to deteriorate. Samples were held in Iran to arrange a "color revolution" to play the Kurdish and Azeri "map". Obviously, the Western media are not spared and the subject of Iranian nuclear applets. Perceptible disturbance in the EU caused by the message manager's Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Fereydoon Abbasi-Davani on the transfer of centrifuges for uranium enrichment enterprise in the Natanz enrichment plant "Ford", located near the town of Qom.

Initially, the Iranian authorities did not do any of this lurking. Thus, the official dealer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ramin Mehmanparast gave the first message about the beginning of the installation of new cascades of advanced centrifuges, which allow for a more perfectly (up 20%) and rapidly enrich uranium. As told Iranian news agency ISNA, the company planned to install the latest generation of 164 centrifuges. These actions were taken in accordance with the announced in November 2009 for the construction of Tehran-up of 10 new uranium enrichment plants. Message Iranian Foreign Ministry and the Atomic Energy Organization called on the West wave of anti-Iranian statements. At the forefront was the French Foreign Ministry, valuing the event as "another provocation of Iran violates the UN resolution."

With irritation was in the West and other communications relating to Iran's nuclear progress applets — Iran said on completion of the test programs turbine reactor of Bushehr nuclear power plant before its expected launch. Then the Western media circulated reports that Tehran has torn completely, "the uranium deal" with the international community, which anticipate the failure of Iran to produce nuclear fuel on the ground of the Islamic Republic in exchange for its import from abroad. Media reports quoted the head of the AEOI Fereyduan Abbasi that Iran is headed for a huge progress in the field of peaceful nuclear energy, because the world powers must now open a discussion is another question — on the supply of "other countries of the desired fuel." In addition, he said that Tehran will not stop at the level of 20% for the enrichment of uranium. Head of AEOI again assured the world community in the peaceful disposition of nuclear programs from Tehran, torn rebukes the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has expressed willingness to see the claims of the organization only if it produces documentary evidence and "change the language of their own reports," because today language acceptable to Tehran.

Curiously, these information contractions were not limited to statements of scientists, diplomats and politicians. And there was a spy scandal, the IRI was noted by the court relating to the disclosure of the Iranian secret services of the Israeli terrorist network on the instructions of Jerusalem's management of the leading Iranian nuclear physicists. Thus, Iranian citizen Majid Jamali Fashi confessed to the murder of a nuclear scientist Massoud Ali Mohammadi, which was first made in 2010 under orders from Israel. Next U.S. and Israel can be seen in the attack against the network of Iran. The newspaper The New York Times in January reported on the fact that the virus Stuxnet was developed by U.S. and Israeli intelligence services and it is the most successful example of computer attacks to defeat existing physical infrastructure of another country. Experts do not know how a computer virus has slowed the development of nuclear programs from the Iranian nation. Sources in the American intelligence agencies believe that Iran failed to stop programs from 1-2 years.

In addition, the U.S. has expressed its outrage at the fact that Iran has been convicted to two Yankees, who denounced the responsibility of spying on Iranian countryside. Immediately, Snow White House has once again accused the Islamic Republic of Iran is that it is one of the main sponsors of international terrorism.

Iran responded by immediately claimed by Washington to withdraw its troops from the territory adjoining Afghanistan, because after the announcement of the death of bin Laden, the U.S. has no circumstances to maintain its own military presence there. In addition, Tehran claimed from the states of the West, notably the U.S., stop interfering in the affairs of Arab countries. During the riots in the UK, Tehran condemned the acts of the British government and police oppression by violence. Iranian students staged a rally of solidarity "with the oppressed people of the United Kingdom" and expressed their outrage last defeat of the British police "legitimate peaceful protest."

EU countries have responded to the actions of Iran with sanctions against Iran's "Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' (IRGC) which Tipo participates in the oppression of the Syrian opposition speeches, although so far no one in the EU has not provided clear evidence. In other words, sanctions imposed, and the facts speak about Iran meddling in the internal affairs of Syria were not provided.

Why Paris sets the tone in the EU?

It is necessary to pay attention to what exactly the French Republic stands at the present time the forefront of those who support the so-called. "Arab Spring" in North Africa and Syria. To do this quite remember the brutal French president's statements, made in the spring, about the fact that the fate of the Libyan favorite threatening to "Arab dictators", which shall be removed recognize the legitimate demands of the people on the road to "democracy." Because Sarkozy's anti-Iran statement can be considered in line with what the "democratization" and "mod
ernization" of the country all the Near East and Iran among them. Sarkozy is just a "mouthpiece" which has long been the voice of the decisions taken.

Sarkozy immediately by all means tries to raise the fallen very own rating after France noticeably cut social utilities that decreases the level of life of French people. Soon a new election. Method old, tried and tested, French public opinion to distract — a "small victorious war" carried out, are now preparing another. However, if you look closely, you can see that winning is not very convincing: Gaddafi is not to catch, not destroyed (his supporters are kept under control, according to various estimates, between one third and half of the country of Libya), the war spent a lot of time, resources, effort. Not yet defeated, and already squabbling over "Libyan pie."

Rome, which at the end of July, almost graduated active role in the Libyan war, after the capture of Tripoli, showed a sudden zeal. Silvio Berlusconi said the desire of Eni get on the ground Libya's oil and gas preferences. But France wants to keep intact its share — 35% of Libya's oil sector, which he promised the Libyan Transitional Council of State. Has interests in companies in the U.S., the UK and Germany. In such criteria Paris hardly get to keep its stake in the "Libyan cake", will have to share with their allies.

It is clear that despite the bellicose rhetoric in recent French military strike on Iran hardly likely. The Iranian armed forces are sufficiently great power, and for the oppression of the air defense system and the guaranteed destruction of most strategic assets, it is necessary to create a strong group of Navy and Air Force. Therefore, you must complete the "democratization" of Libya, and then resolve the issue with Syria. And only then will decide Iranian question. Iran will try to undermine from within — using community Kurds and Azeris, the discontent of young people.

At the current time there is an information war, the preparation of the "field" for the decisive battle. Forms the world public opinion — the "nuclear threat" from Iran, his policy of "anti-Semitism", discrimination, Kurds, Azeris, the Iranian danger Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, on the support of "murderous regime" Assad, etc. Almost all the links of one chain : the West is at war with the Islamic world, "upgrade", converts it for themselves. The consequences of such actions will be tragic, large regions will blaze.

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