Information warfare

Based on current realities, and somehow soberly reflecting on the chain of recent events, the destruction of the Union and the establishment of "democracy", which 20 years later became a pejorative word, and that is essentially a hidden dictatorship of some few of the absolute majority, looking back convinced that presented to and approved basic "truths" in our Christian-democratic world have their own foundation weird, ironic, is not based on what a lot of statements that cause legitimate questions in the critically-minded part of our people.

Comprehend civilizational processes at the sight of a man of our time, in the modern world the tremendous flow info, easy and hard at once. Hard when faith is lost, broken down the order and a deep-rooted understanding of the world, it is not based than our entire passed not without a problem, but so close and clear life when the highest standards of human conscience, honor, justice, dobroporyadka have been cast aside and defeated, and the replacement came calculating pragmatism, stupid greed, as a goal and a means to achieve immediately thereof and mindless animal pleasure. With all of this man, not really thought about the mechanisms occurring uniformly forgets that of his human will and effort can though, what is the exchange and that his singular worldview someone is interested, but his efforts may not like the fact that it changed. Because mistrust and powerlessness man forced to close within themselves, avoiding a world of its own is nothing new and difficult parting with the old. Just as the ability to provide modern information space is still enormous, and get information on the topic of interest can be, you just make the effort and be willing to obtain this information and make sense.

In our Russian Slavic world, change the most conspicuous. The country has lost influence on the course of world events, as lost and the impact and credibility, and credibility in the world community. Played all the battles of recent years, Afghanistan, Eastern Europe, which was a sector of our global public interest has, in the main, aggressive alien world, Iraq, too, came in the area of our interest, the destruction of the Soviet Union, and Russian the world has shrunk again and again, in the main, broken Union became aggressive, or not positive and not negative aggressive Russian Federation or, rather, to the Russian people. China, India, Vietnam — our former allies became independent and immediately hostile to the Russian Federation players on the world stage. Our modern home — a country that is unable to defend its global interests and therefore lost all of its own allies, and some, such as Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, just threw, Cuba — just thrown. Someone will pronounce that we are more used, and because we lived in the Union so bad, but just at the moment the Russian people not thriving and dying, because between these facts, there is no connection. At the moment Putin somehow support last ally Syria, but that he would do if NATO openly make war, as in Iraq or Yugoslavia? Pretend that what we should, and our homeland is powerless to change the situation. Hurry, it will be so that once again lead to a loss of confidence and credibility in both the majestic remnants of power in the world. For all the attempts of in the modern world call only grin.

But why is this happening?
End of 60th-Moon race America sends one after another expedition to the Moon. Authority of America and the Western lifestyle flew up to the moon, but what are the confirmation of the presence of man on the moon? It's disgusting properties films, a huge number of photos, lunar soil and the fact of a missile launch. Films so disgusting properties that serve as a proof-of something unreal, as see the details is not probable. Picture quality is better, but there are many mistakes that is already causing long been puzzled questions. Answers to the questions or not, or you start to fluctuate in the competence and adequacy of NASA and their followers. Lunar soil — the big question. So on what basis it is considered that the Americans were on the moon? The fact of being astronauts on the Moon was named the USSR. Then, after the recognition of this shameful fact, was stopped in the midst of Russian lunar programm. In this confrontation with the United States the authority of our people suffered heavy damage in the brains of world socialism ceased to be of good social order. It was opened by an unlimited number of falsification of the lunar programs from the Yankees and control of the USSR naturally understood all the machinations of the U.S., but went on about America, there was a conspiracy lurking behind the Russian people. The fact of the betrayal of the then management on the face.

Afghanistan during the Soviet Union, country under our influence in the country is the army, there is the Afghan government, together we control much of Afghanistan. Impact gangs to life in a small country, our army which is fighting with the Taliban. But begins to disintegrate under the Russian Union of thoughts restructuring is already shaping thought losing the war in Afghanistan, faced-off on the idea of "all our failures on big expenditure on the war with the result that there was a crisis in the country." Withdrawn from the Afghan army, pro-Soviet government shifted, the Taliban came to power. The official ideology — "that this war we could not win." Analyzing the situation in the country can come to the conclusion that the Afghan war, we could not only win, and win without spending on the war of tools that can affect the quality of life of our people. The loss of the same from the neighborhood of the Russian Federation with narkoproizvodyaschem state like Afghanistan no one has thought. Conclusion — war lost due to wrong ideas imposed on our society, the conductors of which was the ultimate control of the country.

Gorbachev signed an agreement with the Yankees on the abandonment of the GDR with the condition that the area will never fall under the influence of a small block NATO.Cherez short-lived time is absorbed by West Germany and East Germany falls under the sphere of influence of Atlantic alliance. Conclusion — signing the contract, the West and do not reflect the promise, the agreement with the Soviet Union was a hoax from the beginning. The loss of influence in Eastern Europe is under the influence of mind and independence of these influences management of the country did not want anything to oppose. As a result, the contract fell Warsaw, CMEA also ordered to live long. How to refer to such activities of the then management and Gorbachev? — Only a betrayal!

Eastern Europe. Poland. The country is unwound orgy of revelations, the main historic rival Russia recognized the Polish people people. Country NATO comes to the country's military bases deployed. On the basis of incorrect Katyn massacre Western political consultants managed to denigrate and put in a bad light image of the Soviet Union during the second world war. Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary joined NATO more exposed to the real benefits. "Russia is an enemy," and has been eliminated from the Soviet Baltic. "The USSR is a country of oppressor nations" and degrades the majestic country. Wrong ideas of democracy, equality, fraternity, independence, freedom of thoughts were fixed, but were able to captivate people and the elite.

You can give many similar examples of the information war being waged against the Russian people. Unfortunately, almost always in this war we are losing. And so we are losing this war is being hidden and not by the rules of good faith. Rules in the information war has long been established and successfully used against Russia.

The rule first — never allow Russia to control the Russian people. Paying close
attention to the selection of personnel and in politics and in the economy. After the Revolution, led the country in the main were not Russian, and the consulate in the management bodies of Jews was entirely disproportionate to the ethnic composition of the country. In its present time the situation has changed even more worse. As a consequence, changed for the worse, and life. Tasks that were set before the world behind the scenes of today and future leaders of the Russian Federation, are enormous. The program was the dismemberment of the Russian Federation and the transfer of some Russian territories to foreign countries, this has not yet happened, but there is no such guarantee, though for the time period of the new examples of territorial concessions have already been to Kazakhstan and China.

Usually the second — are allowed to use against Russia, all all the most immoral, unethical practices, the main one being a complete heresy. Expose Russian incapable of anything useful, people, feral and backward. To do this, hold back the development of the Russian people by all means. Reign Romanovs introduced serfdom, which was actually slavery and was a massive obstacle to progress in the development of our country. In this period of history can recall such brightest examples betray the interests of our people, as the sale of Alaska, USA, is also the land of Oregon, the loss in the Russian-Japanese war, with the loss of Manchuria. All discussions about non-holding capacity of the land untenable, in those days, our home was much stronger than the United States and, of course, the Land of the Rising Sun. The order to end the war with Japan gave Nicholas 2, although further and expand the emerging order in the war was possible, our home was full of energy, but Japan is just the opposite. At the time, Russian society is that the nobles that other estates wondered how our country with tremendous resources and capabilities could be defeated in such a pitiful state. An example of betrayal on his face. Conclusion The Romanovs were not interested in the power of their own country.

Rule Three — always rewrite history, the next generation will never have to know what were their forefathers. Peering into the past, written in the history books of their own people, the Russian must create grim picture of the series of defeats in wars, continuous territorial concessions or gain at the cost of many lives. Civilization opening should not be in any way compatible with the Russian people. The meaning of the creation of such stories otymat the historical memory of the people, you need to pull the rug from under the feet, replacing the real national heroes never available on the virtual idols, to subordinate the interests of the developing countries of the world behind the scenes, which is a Judeo-Masonry and pillage, plunder the wealth of the people. The Russian is not required to have nothing of their own, but only "human values" (the Latin alphabet as a primary means of communication all around not covered with writing in our opinion, vile soulless culture, proclaiming the basic principle of "Western democracy" principle of individualism, obscenity, promiscuity, which is completely alien to our people, in general, a full match in the ideas for action in the relevant principles to the Western way of life).

Remember Chekhov: "In the human being should be fine: the face, the clothes, the soul and the mind." What we litsezreem currently in the Western style of life and what they want to instill in us the exact opposite of the majestic words of the Russian writer.

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