Information warfare for cargo ship

Already a number of days last story of the freighter Alaed («Alaid"). This ship in late June for a voyage to the shores of Syria, with a special load. Almost immediately after the release of "Alaid" from the port in the press it was reported that after all is all the same in the holds of cargo ships. It turned out to three combat helicopter Mi-25. Just a few years back such announcements virtually no one would have astounded. But at the moment, more than a year when the Syrian army is fighting with so-called opposition, the apparent flight of the ordinary merchant ship attracted to himself a lot of attention.

A number of Western politicians and journalists to learn about the military cargo, immediately drew conclusions about the appointment. Of course, according to them, the helicopters are designed for "killing of civilians." Do not dwell on the peacefulness of these same residents and other features of their activities, including the military. Soon after the onset of disk imaging on helicopters began discussions about what to "Alaid" transported to the same complexes for some defense. Some citizens have taken this assumption of the theorem, and continued to yell about cannibalistic disposition of cargo. For all this, they for some reason forgets that anti-aircraft missile systems by definition can not be applied against "peaceful protesters." Air defense system designed to destroy air targets invading air space of the country. Ground attack is almost always likely only in exceptional cases. As helicopters that Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov has long been told that all three Mi-25 shipped unassembled and their installation will take several months.

Yet, despite all the statements of Russian officials, the noise in the Western press continues. In this case, bad evaluation voyage "Alaid" support and those in positions of responsibility. For example, a British company, the insurer Standart Club soon after the news of the helicopter canceled insurance cargo ship. From sailing after that did not seem likely and Alaed went back to Russia.

It is interesting that the return of the vessel carrying military supplies did not result in the termination of unfriendly expressions in the Western press. Part of this "guilty" and the Russian bureaucrats: they say that the contractual obligation to repair the helicopter will be fully implemented. Under the agreement, Our homeland must not only carry out repairs and modernization of Mi-25, and provide all related transportation. Of course, such expressions are perceived by some analysts zabugornom only as a confirmation of support by Moscow "anti-people regime" in Syria. Immediately this zabugornoy in the press, for example, in The Daily Mail, there are new reports on the ill-fated voyage. Now states that dry-cargo ship "Alaid" is not one. Approximately half a hundred miles away Tipo followed by four warships. As this is true — it is not clear. In all this there is reason to hesitate in the version of the Russian cargo ship escorted by military sailors. The main claim to this conjecture lies in the routes of ships. "Alaid" at the time of these publications vorachivalsya home, and warships were in the direction of the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, they could get close and go on a little distance from each other, but about any escort out of the question.

At the same time, we can not exclude the possibility that the warships will accompany really freighter once his attempt to break through to Syria. But such an assumption may not be true — according to available disk imaging, "Alaid" after the return has replaced the flag and now flaunts its mast Russian tricolor. So Makar, the likely landing ship any assault, which also walked rumors can end international scandal. Completely may be that only one Russian flag will be able to cool the hot heads who can not wait to quit Syria without military equipment. With regard to the ability of escorting warships, then it will be an extra security measure.

International legislation on maritime transportation, fully capable of protecting "Alaid" from any attacks. With all of this information attack on his flight would last. It is necessary to wait for new messages "accompanied by" cargo ship warships. The fact that the transition from Murmansk or St. Petersburg to Syria itself rather short path ship must necessarily go around Europe. Warships of the combined group, which will soon have to conduct exercises in the Mediterranean Sea, is also going this route. Completely may be that the huge anti-submarine ships will be at a distance from the cargo ship, which will be enough for the start of the new clicks in the press. After all, in the course of military training cruise ships can go to the Syrian port of Tartus. It is easy to imagine how some people would react to the arrival of the ship in Syria and the cargo ship, even with an interval of a few days.

Either way, have at the moment are obvious intentions of some Western countries. Not paying attention to the current state of the refurbished helicopters and their purpose, those Brits continue to stick to your line and "take care" of the Syrian insurgents. That in such a case is to make the Russian Federation? It is necessary to continue to meet its contractual obligation trial. British link to the EU embargo concerning the supply of arms to Syria? Let helicopters are not new, and the contract for their repair was made at a time when no one thought to overthrow the B. al-Assad. Helicopters will be used against "civilians"? The Mi-25 can carry and use anti-tank guided missiles and bombs caliber 100 kg. Completely clear what the consequences will have such attack helicopters. And these effects are quite different from what is shown by Western media disk imaging. What's all the same to air defense systems, then pumped around the hysteria is not only funny, and leads to recall the proverb about the thief and a hat. Clashes in Syria have been going on for over a year, in all that time at the disposal of the rebels did not get any of the 1st aircraft. Accordingly, the government forces simply do not have the "internal" goals against which to run defense. But the anti-aircraft missile systems may be useful for defense against external enemy. As shown nedavneshny incident with the Turkish reconnaissance plane, Damascus does not want to start up in its air space all comers.

As we see, the return cargo ship Alaed virtually no impact on the course of battle information around it. It is unlikely that they have recently ended, at least because of the latest messages. On the old days there was anecdotal information on the approximate route cargo ship. Argues that at first he would go to the port of St. Petersburg, and from there goes on a voyage to the Far East. Not entirely clear how this will help secure transportation of military cargo, but hearing any. With all of this controversial situation surrounding the ship limited only to throw, news, and other non-military means of influence. Naturally military cargo for Syria brings a lot of inconvenience to some countries, but in an open conflict, they will not go. Accordingly, no fighting between Russian ships that were on maneuvers, and tightened to Syria NATO frigates will not. Hardly what a burning head of the Western states will venture into open conflict just because of 3 helicopters and several air defense system, especially if the existence of the latter does not proven.

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