Information warfare: network technology and management revolutionary chaos

Information warfare: network technology and management "revolutionary chaos"

"Color" revolutions in Ukraine, Georgia, the countries of Central Asia and the Arab segodnyaschy Smoot identified an important role of network technologies (such as mobile phones and the Web) in the development of "controlled chaos" with the desired output result.

They are particularly exciting due to the formation of the Russian Federation in the so-called. revolutionary situation.

Traditional revolutionary situation, according to Lenin, is composed from several basic reasons:

— "Extras" make more administrative errors;

— "Lower classes" tired to live as before because of economic circumstances or from-for ideological, perhaps, on the add totality;

— in society vserasprostraneny presentation about a "perfect" society (for example, the Soviet Union was deliberately created image of a "capitalist paradise", where all the houses, several cars and everything in "chocolate") different from the reality;

— An old so society dropped, and the construction of a "new reality" to the presence of organized force instrument (according to Lenin — a political party, "armed" some thought.)

The word "party" does not mean that it is necessarily a political party, it could be a like-minded group of people bound together not only a common thought, and action. Party press in the current time is actually one hundred percent changed the Web, it is mobile and less control.

Very often arranged Revolution purposeful action when specific preconditions imposed sheltered from ordinary activities tradesman network structures such big-name "Masons."

In other words, to realize a revolutionary situation which appears from-for incorrect operations management body of the country and often "fueled" hid network structures, we need the extras that will shock troops to attack the regime. And the extras are controlled slogans such as: "All power to the Soviets!", "Down with autocracy!", "Russia — for Russian!". To manage and maintain the right "tone" extras introduced speakers-leaders, from time to time, if not local, they are imported from abroad, as Trotsky and his shock troops "p-revolutionaries" or El-Baradei in Egypt.

At the time, even there is no need for such speakers, their substitutes the web — social networks, societies, groups of bloggers "on the payroll", "respected" members of the forum.

But the real revolution still need the presence of the first Fri — "the upper classes can not" and "lower classes do not want to." In the Russian Federation is available both Fri — "lower classes" have expressed their dissatisfaction with all the more often. Thus, according to the Russian Foundation "Public Opinion" (FOM) for about 49% of the population of Russia is preparing to participate in the mass protest, which is 20% higher than in the previous year. The main reasons for dissatisfaction named: rising prices of actual principal food, housing and communal services, deterioration of own real situation.

"Top" is increasingly losing managerial skills — 20 years of degradation and collapse are not well reflected in the psychology of the management body. Already more than 2-decades Our home lives, in the main, on "autopilot" — the big strength of supplies, which was built in the Soviet Union, but it will not last forever. Plus, traced administrative influence from the outside, such as, for example, the last Biden's visit to Moscow. Managers from top to bottom, "kicking" from the people different types of illusions modernization, innovation, nanotechnology, education reform and the army, ie, the "divorce" of mass, so still "steer".

But, most importantly, for a successful revolution, that is, when the government not only will change, and will begin construction of a new "bright future" with associated serious repair of all relevant fundamental systems of power, at the moment there is no "party" and the ideas of this "Bright Future."

Some people today are dreaming to change the political elite to "steer" and make better their situation by a real redistribution of supplies (most liberoidov and Democrats), most people dream about, that does not become even worse.

No revolutionary detachment which be carried Lofty Idea passionaries willing to die for it. There are only a few units of these people, it's missing a base for radical reorganization of society on "rails" Human.

Therefore, the most that can network structure "of Freemasonry" in the current time — just on a physical level to eliminate a number of municipal main figures. Raise the "scum" from liberoidov type Nemtsov, Limonov and strengthen the squad in the Russian pro-Western politicians who will carry even more non-Russian policy in the style of Gorbachev.

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