Information warfare on benefits Wehrmacht

The writer, economist, politician Nikolai Starikov Aware of technology information warfare against the Soviet Union, Syria, Russia and other countries. After all, such a war very efficient, hard recognizable and can be carried out endlessly. The only barriers to this war — is the response information warfare or rather the highest consciousness of people.

— I really do not like to use the definition that is unreal, what is called, feel. For example, there's "secret organization", "world government." Let's use that to us quite naturally, and the existence of which is unrealistic to argue. Our world is divided into countries. It is a fact? Fact. Countries are interactions among themselves. It is a fact? Fact. This interaction may be different: the entry into alliances, conflicts, and, as a result of these conflicts, wars. In this way also argue unrealistic. The whole history of the world's population — a history of cooperation between the countries, the history of wars.

Do any of the war in a different plane, not in the form of military action? Naturally. We are with you on this fine example litsezreem Russian Union which won the most terrible war in the history of mankind, stately Russian war, but, nevertheless, was treacherously killed in 1991, its managers Misha Gorbachev and a bunch of it, so to speak, like-minded people. It came without military intervention, and the majestic power was destroyed. This means that we litsezreem nice examples of how the struggle against the powers of strongest planet can be successfully carried out by non-military. And the name of this method — the information war.

Who exactly in this plane is a big part of the war. And here, I must say, modern technologies allow a broader, more frisky and more than a clear strike on states. Again, we know it's all clear. At present, fully confirmed by the fact that Western television suddenly as if on cue started taking videos of so-called Tripoli Libyan rebels, most of which was, of course, the Western special forces, and these videos were filmed in Qatar. In other words, special pavilions were built, which were to mislead the world public. Later, the data on these commercials have been exposed, but as the rollers ran those who hold the mouthpiece is the world — the world's media — that the fact of exposing these commercials, most people in the West have not figured out.

We remember those magical "mistakes" when the December show to Moscow on a background of palm trees and the people who walk in in T-shirts and a jacket, and later demonstrated, for example, May, June rallies in Russia, the people there, however, stand in down jackets and earflaps. Western audiences — already brainwashed — does not think that, for sure, it is unlikely in T-shirts in Russia strolling in December and in June — in earflaps, but it has been called, has issues. Because the information war against our country is. But by whom? Geopolitical rivals Russia. Since it is very normal, very a cheap and, unfortunately, an effective method of destruction of the country.

Come back to the present reality. Syria. Fully recognized municipal favorite of this country — Bashar al-Assad. Back in 2008, his wife was the winner of the informal beauty contest in the middle of the first ladies of the world. We realize that now is unlikely to be a handshake western magazine Elle took a wife of Bashar al-Assad for a role in this ranking. Of course, at this point it already seems to be inappropriate. This means that in 2008, Syria was a common and generally accepted by all state, to which there were no complaints. But time passes, changing market conditions — and the claims arise. The situation is the same around the country rocking through the media, which later results in a full-scale war on civilian clothes and false information about Syria. But this is nothing new. Syzveka country trying to denigrate their own competitors to secure the desired settings in the minds of a group of people.

Let us remember the Second World War. That's who could not believe, for example, disk imaging, contained in the German leaflets (leaflets dropped on the trenches of the Red Army). Well, it is clear that this is propaganda. Since the opponent is interested in, that soldier of the Red Army to wage war ended, surrendered, deserted or simply did not fight against the German war machine. For us, this fact is quite obvious. Because who could believe that the leaflets? Only a very trusting people. A German propagandists write anything just to achieve their own goals. For example, the enemy were dropped leaflets in which alleged that the Jew Stalin, Molotov Jew — well, everything is out of control Russian Jews.

It was also leaflet, in which alleged that the son of Stalin and Molotov son were captured. The calculation of the enemy in this case is simple — well, even if the sons of Governors of the country were in captivity, which is for you to beat. What is being said, Clip Available? And the fact that Molotov never had offspring, but in the leaflet to be given full information about the "little boys": photo, name and biography.

Because we now litsezreem same information war in the web, you need to treat it specifically from the standpoint of the one who needs this war and what goals it pursues. A goal, all the same — do not force us to adore their country, to the side of our geopolitical enemies do not appreciate our government, its history, its culture and those never-ending wealth that our forefathers gave us. Because let's treat the information war specifically as to information warfare and do not believe in our geopolitical opponents.

Who organizes the information war? Well, who organized the German Wehrmacht to attack the Russian Alliance? Billionaires club or all the same Nazi government, which has made a gigantic war machine? Of course — the government. Naturally, for this is the power of entire nations, and now continents. Because, of course, it's not something for a few philanthropists engaged in some nonsense. This is a deliberate policy to conquer the world and one of the tools of conquest and preservation of the rule next — the information war. Now its much easier to carry out. Were previously required the aircraft to drop leaflets, printing in London to print Herzen "bell", and now all the easier — Web is, as Russian citizens themselves go to the Web, you just put it into the heads of some anti-state ideas. Because information is now much easier to conduct war.

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