Information warfare. Part 2. Research Radzivilovsky list.

"The Apotheosis of War" VV Vereshchagin

Modern civilization paradigm, developed over many centuries of existence, from the death of the Empire late 16th — early 17th cc., Represented as a bulk structure similar mountain of large stones — manuscripts from unknown origins lie in the basis of human understanding of the history, flipped on its head content and small stones, countless archaeological relics, historic structure designed to strengthen, connect incompatible — archaeological finds and the classic story of TI.

New historical research, based on a statistical analysis conducted by Russian scientists Anatoly T. Fomenko and his fellow co-Gleb Nosovskaya, have allowed knitted look at our past. Correcting date, Russian scientists have revealed the world completely For the latest picture of the world in which historical mysteries, inconsistencies are understandable and unravel and of old times without controversy.

Great work of scientists in for more than 40 years, of course, did not go unnoticed creative-minded people. Terms and ideas into the base of this large-scale study has come minds and souls of people who are forced to think, broadens the mind, are topics for debate in the literature and inetovskih sites, as an independent search for interesting historical topics, but of little interest to academic publications. Most of the science of history, all those who are behind it are deliberately excluded from haughtily discuss new research and findings. This occurs because of the inability of academic science to oppose that or meaningful brand new historical knowledge, not including negligent misrepresentations of the facts. In the base of the transition to the latest historical paradigm is, of course, the confrontation with the usual view of the world and rejecting it as such. We are currently in the process of a fundamental philosophical acts of the law applicable in this example to the development of human society. This denial law. An old hard gives way to the new.

TI blockages are that make their way to the truth just Straseni hard, actually destroyed all the records, books telling about the stateliness of the Empire, brought down murals in almost all ancient buildings, monasteries, churches or rewritten anew, written by the mountain of literature, textbooks, where everything is under control and the facts correlated to each other, and one refers to the other, but mistakes and inconsistencies historians still raise questions for which the adherents of the TI responds reluctantly and often random, and in fact, that is puzzling.

Proceedings of the creators of "New Chronology" looks like a chore digger at the foot of the mountain, completely clear that the path chosen correctly, that's already been passed conspicuous part of the way, but the mountain, it is enormous and showered, and have again and again to fight for the sake of Truth minds.

Usual story teaches that the Russian government was formed under the name Rus in the 9th 10vv.n.e. On other words, historical documents titled record. The main document is the chronicle of Radzivilovsky record RS (the originals, of course, is not, and there is only a copy-lists, to find and put into circulation only in the 18th century), which describes the period from 9v.n.e. prior 13c. In addition, the fact that there is a historical document to light or comes into use at one time, and the time it is assigned a different origin is even more premature, comes into conflict with the principle set forth ANMorozov civilization — "the time between the writing of the document and exit thereof in the light can not be overwhelming, and should lie at about the same time interval. " Historians date the PC 15. Would you like to find out where the original hung out the "Tale of Bygone Years" is almost 600 years old, and then almost 300 years "Radzivilovsky list"? About the scientist historical people pointedly silent, or — "were in the right place, expecting their own hours." In addition to the PC, there are so referred to as:

-Moscow-Academic lists.
-Lavrentevsky list.
-Ipatyevsky list.
-Pereslavl-Suzdal list.

-All these lists are a very close resemblance to the PC together, which makes it possible to read about the making of these lists from the 1st of the original under the title Chronicle.

Specifically on these sources are based disk imaging such nasty for the Russian human historical moments, like Norman history of the Russian state, as the harmonization of Russian history with the history of the world (in Scaliger, TI presentation).

Saying "nasty history" — is virtually nothing to say, because such a statement about the past of our people brings the Russian people to the nations second-class people, devoid of will, people, unable to do, organize your life, people who are not really alone slavishly subject to alien rulers, and was so naive as to become fully conscious people-slave, he voluntarily gave themselves, their freedom, their own work, their own wealth and lifestyle, some intruders from the West, unknown, perhaps, the future despots and those condemned himself and the terrible slaughter of the tribunal of history? After all, they say specifically and Western historians — "Who are the Russian? — This is a feral, primitive barbarians, which failed to build up their own government and that the government had to build the Europeans, and they are not currently on almost all of us can not. "

Or maybe someone thinks that intruders were, of course, infinitely kind, gracious and tolerant of wild, barbaric way of life voluntarily to conquer the Russian and, of course, set for yourself and otsivilitsovat puzzle civilize the savages, to introduce them to the majestic Varangian-European culture ? The picture, of course indescribable. Though what the governor always builds a government "for themselves."

Indescribable as people-slave by birth will never be able to reach the heights that were achieved by our people. Even what we have left after the collapse of the Empire, says only about the greatness of the Russian people, a tremendous rich conquest, majestic and mighty Russian language, which has a few! written forms such as Cyrillic, Glagolitic, Runica, there is still writing, has confirmed that the Etruscan and in which more than 60% of the words are deciphered in Russian, original Orthodox culture, and outstanding figures of Russian culture and science. Not to mention the beauty and intelligence of our people.

That is why you need the brakes on these very fundamental to our people historical documents more carefully. What is history and why of our past are endless fights in the middle of historians and other caring patriotic Russian people? Surely because without the past there can be no future. Annals reflect past victories and conquest, destruction and loss, but it is fundamental to understand — WHAT ARE SILENT HISTORIC DOCUMENTS? What does this mean?

Radzivilovsky list of MS was discovered during a trip zabugornoy king Petra1 to Konigsberg 1713g. He showed list Peter and asked for a copy of that local scribes and was manufactured. Later, during the Seven Years' War, our troops entered in Konigsberg, and has itself a list, not a list of the list were owned by Russia. Over the more than 250 years of owning the list of documents were subjected to repeated studies such famous scientists as Tatischev, Lomonosov, Miller, venison, Musin-Pushkin, chess was studied everything — the birthplace of the chronicle, the paper, the contents of the list was examined under a microscope to this topic was written by
a pile of books and other literature, but only Fomenko and Nosovskij, that's what means the arithmetic, failed to find such an outrageous fraud — no other word, this document and of course for the falsification of the brain, namely the "voluntary vocation Vikings on Russia" .

What is the essence? Radzivilovsky record, they are a binder notebooks with a different number of sheets. The most notable information "calling Vikings on Russia", also bind to the Russian annals Scaligerian TI-shnoy chronology, just is the first book in which all the sheets ripped in half so hard to find, what are the lists of native and which pasted. I will carefully delineate the Finnish study in this regard — it is widely and thoroughly described in the books Finn, it also can be found on the Web. I can say that research exciting and reads like a detective story. I'll tell you outright conclusions. We are interested in the facts of history, just on these sheets are also specially made for this version, so called the Moscow-Academic list of MAC. Radzivilovsky In the list of MS in closer study of the document, it became clear that not enough 2-sheets and one leaf glued — it is not even alleged Fin and historian of 19th-20th century chess. Oh so right on that piece of glued-stated version vocation Vikings, this piece is the nipped, the most suspicious, because the others look even better, it is clear that it has been fixed numbering, which was conducted in Slavonic — characters and Arabic numerals. As for the reference to the history of the world TI, as I read, this made the whole new list of MAC, in which there is no juggling. That is, in the PC of the sheet is not, but the MAC has it.
Here is a list which sets out a version with a vocation Vikings:

Ladies and outright criticism on research FIN "Laushkin A. Heresy" new chronologies. How to wage war against Christianity AT Fomenko and his associates. "

The title, of course, very warlike, but not fully reflect the essence of Finnish research. And here the war with Christianity, the creator does not explain, it is an unsubstantiated allegation referred to as "the substitution of concepts." Criticism is the type of "good people do not believe also disgusted her — they prick you, and ye believe us, we are professional historians, we are better litsezreem, look at the world through our eyes."

The manuscript is worn out, specifically because of this abut criticism, but because ordinary people are not entirely clear to historians that if this unfortunate slip-so jammed means to him repeatedly worked vcherkivali something later wiped and after all these manipulations can be seen Zapyataev (leaf more and dirty) are trying to convince us that all that there is spelled right? Yes it is heresy! Given the fact that MS did not have this edition until 1989., Then get weird pseudo-scientific stories with such a list, because the lack of really the main Russian chronicles in general use, says only about one-MANUSCRIPT hid from the eyes of the people, can work with It only academics who for any "strange" preferred to keep silent, or expressed as an academician Milov in my opinion is not completely constructive criticism. Here is one of the "arguments" which His views on academic Milov sounds like a "serious" reason:

"In the historiography of the Russian chronicles of Source and Textual disk imaging arrays has nearly 10 generations of historians, most of whom were people of very vedchivye, critical with the skills of rigorous research. Well, history students are taught first, critical, though respectful, with respect to the works of their predecessors. "

This technique in scientific debate is called "push authority." Critics totally uninteresting debate with researchers — they are important to speak out on the conversation ends.

After reading the study Fin PC, hunt noting special attention almost thoroughness, consistency and consistency of studies that document Russian scientists. The study was conducted at the highest level of prof.

Download Radzivilovsky can record from a website

I encourage anyone who loves history and who care about the past of our nation to read the study Radzivilovsky list, which is a chapter in the book Fin "New Chronology of Russia, the United Kingdom and Rome," also criticized the official historians and assess the strengths and the most frail hand research creators newest Chronology .

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