Informing the soldier of diseases and stress will take the implants

In humans, a very strong desire for self-monitoring: how much weight dropped this week, as the amount of alcohol consumed coffee has an effect on productivity. There are those who are so very worried about his health, which puts the injections at home, trying to find the amount of sugar in the blood, until you're blue squeezes his hand, measuring your blood pressure, or simply get bored with sluggish from the wealth of patient therapist question, "Doctor, will I die? . "

But the doctor, but at least as severe and special, not in a hurry to answer, and then the nurse got it wrong, will recycle all of the tests. This often happens when an influx of visitors or due to some other circumstances. All this chaos wants to end management of promising developments the U.S. Defense Department (DARPA), Which has announced a competition for thoughts on the development of an implantable biosensor.

There imply that after the introduction of the skin, the detector will be in real-time measurements of important physical characteristics of the body's fighter, which will go in and measure the level of cortisol — a stress hormone, histamine and other substances that say about the state of the immune system.

It is clear that these implants will be of tremendous benefit. Military doctors will be able to receive clear information about the status of a fighter right battlefield. Well, in a more measured criteria do not have to think about collecting the required tests, delivering them in a laboratory. For a fighter often any minute counts, in the case of loss of analyzes in a way to retake them may already be certain. But it is not useful new product will be not only for doctors. Sami fighters and their commanders will be able to get a lot of the latest and useful disk imaging. Chiefs will be able to track the status of the endocrine system of their own employees, checking as they endure this physical exercise schedule. The data acquired posodeystvuyut identify inflammation, which will ease the continued service of the poor in special units. In addition, these markers will be able to tell, whether perfectly poured fighter, Does it fit the chosen diet, which, of course, would benefit his physical development.

Naturally, the biosensor is expressed only last thought aloud. In DARPA Projects are already developing biomarkers that will be able to show how the process of assimilation of vitamins and minerals, purchased with a meal. And other programmke, studies which aim at giving every soldier is very probable physical form. In the framework of its work on the study of the impact of genes on the physical capabilities. Specialists from DARPA try to manipulate with cellular mitochondria, which can raise the level of the body to provide energy.

It is clear that the biosensor itself fails to make himself a fighter smarter, harder and stronger. But it can provide the necessary data to posodeystvuyut fighter transform into "super-soldier".

Immediately after the announcement of the competition DARPA got some pretty fascinating thoughts on the development of the project. A team of scientists from the Institute Clemenson, which has financially supported by the Pentagon, was of a proposal to develop a detector which will be able to track the health of the wounded, even when implanted in the small clearance time. And another group of Tufts Institute, proposed to biosensor made of silk, because it is easier to implant in the human body. At this point, the problem on the comparability of the detector and the human body is quite acute. How bad would have been the detector, it will not be able to measure if it is constantly rejected by the surrounding tissues. Because one of the main requirements DARPA — This is the highest biocompatibility, which will allow operations to avoid the constant introduction of detectors.

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