Infoudar or new principles of warfare

"One word is worth a few divisions." These words, which at the time of Napoleon Bonaparte said, quite succinctly reflect the principle of warfare for the past couple of centuries. With Napoleon's phrase nedavneshnego time to get the most that neither is a specific interpretation. Often the information campaign can produce an even greater effect than the most active combat actions. In the end, the use of different instruments in the traditional view of its realization may lead to the destruction of a certain number of enemy forces and facilities, but did not manage to kill his mental evaluation of the enemy. You can use carpet bombing, multiple rocket launchers, armored vehicles and special units to suppress the resistance of the enemy, but to suppress the resistance of the individual does not mean that once this happens the need to resist the oppression of goal-setting on. The thought always lead to the formation of a new hotbed of confrontation on which again have to throw the military equipment and manpower.

But the ways of warfare in the near future significantly changed. Even the presence of a superior in numbers and equipment of the army was no longer any guarantee of victory to be tough on that front either. At first the plan goes psychology of control when the response to any military strikes and raids can be a little info or even counter-attack warning himself fighting punch.

Previously, the traditional option attack on the enemy positions which: barrage (airstrike) — attack in armored vehicles — the introduction of infantry formations, but now such principle was less than military history. In the first place now put information attack, that can go on a variety of channels, from print media to television and the Web. Heresy, delivered 50 times, can completely transform into truth. After the information "artillery preparation" in the enemy camp there are people who do not understand the need of its own resistance — word attack has done its job, forming even a small detachment of "doubters". As such, there is a detachment of the enemy, the course is the introduction of the second propaganda attack: on television and computers, in magazines and newspapers suddenly arise information about what specific enemy army is demoralized — the soldiers run away, commanders are going to commit suicide, grows the number of malcontents Central Command. With all this added to the Central Information grain: the upcoming mission has only humane goal — the liberation from dictatorship, a focus on human rights and opening new horizons of freedom. Such information is, for obvious reasons, just across the lane crosses the section of the front and is seeking people. Taking this information grenade over the real state of things, the public sees only one way out — come to terms with the fact that the enemy forces are in fact not at all invaders and liberators. This "awareness" recalls disease with which a person begins to grow together and live as he seems quite relaxed and seamlessly. And then, in principle, does not need any tanks or missiles or other elements open and direct contact combat.

Make out a few examples of phishing attacks, which led to impressive results.

Episode 1. Yankee invasion of Iraq in 2003

The United States stubbornly fought battles information on various fronts, trying to convince the international community that in Iraq for many years are being developed weapons of mass destruction. Since the beginning of 2003 a rare news release took place in the West, with no mention of Saddam Hussein as the world dictator who gave the order to build a bio and nuclear weapons in hidden laboratories. With such a massive attack on the people, by the end of January 2003 most of the Yankees maintained white houses plans to send troops to Iraq. The culmination of the information the game was the performance of the then Municipal Secretary of sovereign Powell, class test tube, to which Tipo was a certain amount of substance of anthrax, acquired on hidden Iraqi factories. Specifically, this performance was a real event for impressionable Western civilization — the war was launched March 20, 2003 and was completed, officials said on May 1 of the same year, although the post-war chaos in Iraq has lasted now.

Neither May 1, nor in a year or now in Iraq have not found any biological, and nuclear weapons, which states that information to attack the main thing — it is the psychic dominant — the words that will attract the attention of millions of people and will force these people to believe in painstaking way adulterated facts.

If we talk about the response of Colin Powell for his "experiments with a test tube", the last Secretary of State but now refers to the fact that he was framed certain South American Office (Pentagon and the CIA), who made every effort to start the anti-Iraq campaign. As said at the time the newspaper "The Guardian", the emperor Powell, it turns out, just was not aware of the fact that the Iraqi defector Rafid al-Janabi deliberately fabricate evidence about the developments in Iraq of weapons of mass destruction on the instructions of the security services. Now Powell himself, who, in fact, pushed the world to the endless chaos of Iraq to death the 10-s of thousands of peaceful inhabitants, remains unblemished. The investigation is about who invented informative move from a known test tube deadlocked. Began to incriminate former CIA Director Tenet sovereign, but he just resigned, saying he was ready to take responsibility over the "wrong disk imaging of a biological weapons in Iraq." Resigned in 2004 — and all! The case, in fact, have collapsed, but the consequences of the South American invasion of Iraq has so far appeared in the form of daily bombings and armed clashes. The Moor has done business …
Name of former CIA Director George Tenet pops up in another battle of information.

Episode 2. Kosovo's secession

Unusual way, after a while after the mission of George Tenet as director of the CIA in July 1997, the United States began intensively exaggerated information that Kosovo should remain part of Serbia. It would seem that between Tenet and Kosovo, there is no connection, but, in fact, the relationship is, and it is quite a tight fit. George Tenet has Albanian roots. According to some reports, specifically Tenet sponsored activities of Albanian troops who tried to break away Kosovo from Serbia. After the Kosovo Liberation Army staged an armed rebellion in order to squeeze out Serbian forces from the province, it (AOC) from the Serbs suffered a severe blow, which and served as the main reason for the order to the NATO troops come to "protect the interests of Kosovar Albanian origin."

But it is quite illogical is the fact of "the oppression of Albanians" in Kosovo, which number over 90 has grown by leaps and bounds. A minority (Serbs), depressing the best part — this picture portrayed to the world public. This migration from Albania itself was apparently used for this purpose that in a "perfect" moment to announce right to sovereignty. With all of this some political favorites Kosovo stated that the Kosovo Liberation Army — a product of the Serbian propaganda, which exposes Albanian civilians as terrorists and killers of civilians. After the information attack with the main motto of "genocide of Albanians in Kosovo," and the requirement of separation Kosovo from Serbia to protect Kosovo Albanians from the "long arm of Belgrade&quo
t;, expressed in his time still Ibrahim Rugova (Kosovo Albanians favorite), began bombing Serbian cities by NATO aircraft. Manipulation of facts, concepts change, the Albanian lobby in the highest echelons of power in the United States — all of this has done its job to redraw the political map of Europe.

Episodes of information attacks can cause a lot more strongly:
Georgian anger in South Ossetia, which Georgian forces and the global media at the initial stage was veiled Tipo Russian attack on Georgia;
propaganda attacks land of the rising sun over the ownership of the South Kuril Islands;
declared the Latvian SS legionnaires fight for the independence of Latvia in the 40s of last century.

But now it does not matter what kind of information attack on the one hand can meet stern resistance on the other. A striking example of the counter information warfare is the situation in Syria, where a group of concerned young people using the Web shows the real picture of Syrian cities, the streets are Tipo dispersed peaceful demonstrations of the opposition. Several Syrian students around the world have shown, who in fact is opposed to government forces in Syria, which, coupled with the tough stance of Russia and China urged the stall giant machine of Western propaganda. Now the creators of the theory of informational enemy oppression faced with retaliatory actions, which are sometimes even more effective than they have developed methods of disinformation strike. Problem counter information warfare has one solution: to force heresy uttered least 50 times, just to stay only a lie, for all trivial.

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