Infrared scopes Wehrmacht

In 1936, the German administration had ordered the company to create AEG infrared device night vision, and in the 39th year, was ready first working model, which worked together with the 37-mm anti-tank gun Pak 35/36 L/45. In autumn of '42 constructors companies have developed device, used with a 75-mm anti-tank gun PaK 40 L/46 and mounted on a self-propelled Sd.Kfz.131 (Marder II). In the middle of the 43rd year started tests of night vision devices (Nacht Jager) and telescopic range finder mounted on the Panther.

It was created and applied in the coming two options for installing devices on tanks Panther.

Option (A) — Sperber consisted of the image converter and 300mm exploratory infrared light that controls the commander of the crew (designated FG 1250). Since the late 44 th to March 45 th, several Panther Ausf G and other types with established FG 1250 were successfully tested.

In March and April 1945, approximately 50 Panther Ausf G, as other models of tanks, uchuvstvovat in the fighting on the Western and Eastern fronts. Night sight is fitted as standard on the commander's cupola later samples "Panther", was used to illuminate the target half-track armored Sd.Kfz. 251/20 «Valke» (Infrascheinwerfer), which is equipped with 600-mm anti-aircraft searchlight mounted on the turret, and equipped with an infrared filter (this system has received the title of «UHU» — «Feelin '). The crew of armored vehicles equipped with such makarom consisted of 4 people. This version of the device can be installed on all armored vehicles.

Option (B) — a more complicated equipment has been called Biwa, consisted of 3 sets (for the commander, gunner and driver) 300 millimeter infrared search lights, and image converters. Panther outfitted with several options sets Biwa. Evidence of successful trials, but there are only a few mentions that the data sets were used in the fighting on the Western and Eastern fronts.

Panthers filled with night vision devices have several tank divisions, among which: 3rd Company, 24th Tank Regiment, 116th Tank Division (Western Front, summer 1944), the 6th Panzer Army SS (Hungary, early 1945 ), tank divisions "Clausewitz" and "Muncheberg". One of the sources of data on the use of combat fighter can serve as a memoir of the First Tank Regiment "SS", the First Armored Division "SS" "LSSAH", telling you that a few Panther, perhaps out of 100 Sixteenth Panzer Division, which had been equipped night vision devices were used in 44 -45 years in the Ardennes during the German coming.

In April, 45-year Pnther with IR (option "B") were adopted in the armored division "Clausewitz". These tanks in the middle of April in the town of Uelzen was destroyed platoon of British cruiser tanks Comet. In addition, on April 21 the same Panther'ami on the Weser-Elbe canal was destroyed by the South American anti-position.

Also, there is evidence that there was a separate unit of the armed Jagdpanther equipped with infrared night vision.

By the end of the second World War, the German military factories over the last month performed to thousands of IR devices; elite tank units of the SS, kitted out with infrared devices, regardless of the Union of Russian troops an advantage in artillery and tanks, in the first day, to be exact night fighting at Lake Balaton advanced in depth strong Russian defense in the 60 km.

Crews Panther with night vision devices, armed with rifles MP44 with infrared scopes Ghoul (Vampir).

In 1943, for snipers made automatic MR-43/1, which set milled mount a four-time scopes ZF-4 and infrared night vision sights ZG.1229 (Zielgerat 1229) «Vampir» («Vampire"), which were intended to observe the criteria of natural night light, determining the angular values of the target range; guidance the target guns and observing the results of the fire and its correction. Night vision sight designed in Berlin Forschungsanstalt der Deutschen Reichspost (RPF), and its creation was established in Wetzlar at the factory Ernst Leitz — the leading German optical-mechanical plant. For field testing done game machines MR.43 / 1 in the amount of 310 pieces. Filled with sights "Vampire". Landing fixation sight was mounted on the right side of the receiver. Weight sight with infrared illuminator was 2.26 kg, and the batteries that were transferred to a tank of gas masks and special wood box, 13.59 kg. Originally decide the problem of batteries — knowing that any batteries have a habit evenly discharged or fully fail exactly at the moment when it is not acceptable — the designers developed for snipers was a small generator having a manual transmission. Before you go out "for the night hunt," it was necessary to twist the handle for a certain time after the system has been fully prepared for battle.

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