Inopressa USS De Gaulle successfully fulfilled its purpose

Inopressa: de Gaulle aircraft carrier has successfully completed its mission

French nuclear aircraft carrier "Charles de Goll"Proved to be very effective during long air war in Libya this year. Between March and August of this year, France was one of the main participants in the operation, having made about 25 percent of air sorties and placing a huge number of warships off the coast of Libya. French planes did order 4,500 sorties, having spent a total difficulties in the air for about 20,000 hours. Approximately 30 percent of the total French sorties were carried on board the aircraft carrier "Charles de Goll, "And more than half of the air strikes were also committed to his side. Majority (62 percent) of the total number of sorties were made for combat missions (usually bombings). On average during air operations on board the" Charles de Gaulle "was made 11.25 sorties per day. Overall, "de Goll"Spent 120 days, providing flights over Libya from their 63 day or warfare. Aircraft operating with the" Charles de Gaulle ", spent 3,600 hours in the air and carried 2,380 take-offs and landings on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

French warplanes have made 35 percent of all bombing, using for all that 950 units of high-precision weapons. Among them 15 French-made missiles and SCALP 225 induced by GPS bombs. French military helicopters made 90 percent of all combat helicopter of NATO strikes, using 431 HOT missiles and thousands of cannon shells. French warships fired more than 3,000 rounds of cannon caliber of 100 mm and 76 mm for sea and ground targets off the coast of Libya.

During the operation in Libya to "de Gaulle" has 25 airplanes and helicopters. Sixteen aircraft bombers (10 Rafale and 6 Super-Etendard), who conducted 840 bombing. Aircraft carrier 390 also provided intelligence missions Rafale, 120 aircraft radar reconnaissance missions E-2 and 240 refueling sorties.

The 6 months of combat operations in France provided the opportunity to test their carrier aviation in the criteria for saturated fighting. Despite the fact that the land-based aircraft to do a large part of the work, "de Goll"Worked even better than ever before, and fulfilled its purpose very well. Fighter Rafale, which France is trying to export, justified the 98-percent alert, having carried out a large part of the bombing. France has also been able to use its own high-precision weapon in the languid Martial criteria. Though almost all of these weapons was used in Afghanistan, air operations were still there the least intense than in Libya.

Inopressa: de Gaulle aircraft carrier has successfully completed its mission

42,000-ton "de Goll"Even less than 100 tysyachitonnye South American carriers. U.S. Navy ships are three times more aircraft and usually do very little more than three times sorties per day.

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