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According to experts in the field of tourism, as a result of a prolonged financial crisis, the number of those Belarusians who manage to rest abroad, this year could be reduced by half. The main reason — the inability to buy the currency for payments in another state, and inadequate training of the tour operators, most companies list the dollar at 8500-9000 rubles, euros — more than 12,000 rubles. At the same time, the income of the population as a result of devaluation and inflation further declined sharply.

In This year, most people in Belarus will have to rest longer than in previous years. Collapsing business and entire industries, due to the financial problems of entrepreneurs and companies forced to fix perpetual vacation tens of thousands of employees. In anticipation of the cash-strapped perspective, people refuse to see the ideas of other latitudes. Says owner of the travel portal Andrew Barashko:

Andrew Barashko

"In my opinion, there is a respect for even those stocks that are likely in the piggy bank is still there. Least from the point of view of the tourist business, I hope so, because in an unstable situation, any person who is not necessarily the Byelorussian (Belarusian and possibly still must be multiplied by three) — he pinched, do not take hasty decisions. And I think that will be reflected on the season, it is the expectation, not the shoulders of the person or even a course tour operator — yet realize that the dollar equivalent in rubles changed and I do not think that is the main factor scaring. Just people a little roll here on this pyramid to a more earthly things: refrigerators, buckwheat and so on. "

The most realistic prospect for the rest of the majority of Belarusians — giving, the family home or vacation wild man in a nearby forest. According to the head of the National Union tourism organizations Valentine Tsehmeystara, get into the Belarusian health resorts is almost impossible. First of all, the prices are a little different from the pan-European and secondly, a tourist complex operated by the directive to work for export, earning the country currency. As a result of early spring the local health center is almost completely booked Russians:

Valentin Tsehmeystar

"In the current situation of the Belarusian travel agencies nothing to do but to spill over to the Russian regions and attract foreigners as tourists from Russia., In turn, they are still in the month of April by almost 80% are buying our spa facilities, where Belarusian consumers in good places — due to both pricing and the residual principle — the summer is to get all the same can not. Because the Russians until the situation has attracted and they are involved in the improvement of the general statistics on the enrollment of foreign students. Well, Belarusian companies that do? Wait yes draw conclusions . to participate in the exhibitions they have no reason to, because there is no point disburse empty trips, stands that in the current economic state of becoming more unprofitable. "

Experts predict that in the face of uncertainty tourist market expects significant restructuring. Many companies simply do not stand the rules of the game, which they imposed on the state, and will be forced to close down its operations. Is not conducive to business capitalization and lack of customer: pay for a ticket double what the bank's rate wanting a bit.

However, there is little hope and announced by the National Bank of departure from the policy of de-dollarization, which should return the currency in wide circulation in including and in the tourism industry. Says expert in the field of tourism Andrei Barashko the procedure for obtaining a license currency extremely difficult. As a result of a permit are not more than a dozen entities from a total of fifteen hundred:

"At that point, there has been a kind of bird in resolving the issue. Currency by the National Bank provides a license after passing a large number of sophisticated tests — director, accountant, their appraisal, etc. And the market we mainly travel agent, it employs a small company and often even after changing accountants and coming. Therefore, large companies in order to save the business will try to get these currency license, who do not.

But even if we model a situation in which, for example, the government ignored the foreign exchange license, allowing to take the dollars we are again back to that on which rung of the ladder are now Belarusians. That is a priority for them, or going on vacation now — it does not matter, it's Crimea, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, then I am afraid even to dream. Perhaps, in the light of nezrazumelastsi situation, its lack of transparency — is unlikely. "

With the rapid rise in food prices, many do not think about how to invest cash in the vacation, and how to extend the landing area on his farm in the country or area.

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