Integration (Lithuanian Courier, Lithuania)

Integration ("Lithuanian Courier", Lithuania)The idea of creation of one economic space of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan expressed by Vladimir Putin in 2003, is starting to get real.

Strongest critics must admit that the SES project, even in its current format and zhiznestoek very promising.

It is logical that the response of the external centers on Putin's recent initiative, supported by the presidents of Belarus and Kazakhstan, without interest. The reason is clear: any international player will please the news of the formation of a new massive single market with serious production, resource, mental capacity — the undisputed brutal attack. On the other hand, the current continental and even transcontinental money crisis, only reinforcing the global uncertainty and chaos, clearly gives a clue: the main "balances" the crisis — roomy formation of the common market and the balance of interests. Creating a harsh unifying unions — a sure step towards a measured miru.Ozhidaniya of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan on the role of the Customs Union are beginning to make excuses. Increased the volume of trade between its members. Abolished tariff and non-tariff barriers. Eliminated all of the controls at the internal borders. Protected Belarusian, Kazakh and Russian products from negligent competition from third countries.

Now favorites 3 states they say: if we implement the goals set CES, we can go on to create the Eurasian Union. With all of this highlights: integration Belarus RF and Kazakhstan — not against anybody. In the development of the Eurasian Union should not attempt to discern a certain division of Europe. Then, of course, you need a corresponding level of development of SES, and coming Eurasian Union. It should become a mature structure, harsh economic player in the Eurasian market, massive partner of the EU.

Naturally, in this case, almost all depends on the Europeans — as they are willing to co-operate on an equal footing. That at least a small degree to answer the question, "Lithuanian Courier" has decided to refer to the views of recognized Lithuanian politicians and economists.

Julius Vesyalka, Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Economy, Dr:

— The zeal of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan within the framework of a single economic space closer to the European Union by means of a tight fit integration of the former Soviet Union is normal and reasonable.

Despite all the declarations, the world's recognized strength, not a word. And when the playing field is a force in the person of one economic space, which brings together about 160 million people, I think, is a fundamental signal for the Euro Union. Especially since this will include the formation of a new economic and other countries among the former Soviet republics — are not going anywhere.

The EU has an opportunity to work with a measured, predictable and adjustable partner. It's better for the very first Euro Union. He absorbed the Eastern European countries, faced with such difficulties that continue to expand just not safe. But finding new markets, new allies or partners needed. Because Brussels profitable to work with such a great player like CES. With structures other than government and supranational. Especially since these structures themselves offer cooperation.

Other question — in the classic fear of the steps in the Kremlin. The EU, like the rest of the Western world, in particular — post-communist countries are looking at Russia with caution. There was a time when everyone thought: Our homeland is weaker than — the better. But life itself justified the inaccuracy unformatted sight. Who are your favorites EU, such as Germany and France are well aware that in the era of globalization and the role of the United States, Brazil, China is better to deal with Russia.

Whoever controlled by reason, and not past grievances, already sees the benefits of the coming convergence of the Eurasian Union with union Evropeyskim.Pyatras Austrevicius, vice-president of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly:

— Lithuania should bother with the initiative of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin made from post-Soviet states Eurasian alliance, because it can lead to long geopolitical consequences. It is strategically new proposal. It is a question not only about economic issues — apparently refers to the strategic political cooperation, including the military. It turns out that our home feels the danger posed to her from NATO. Meanwhile, the Alliance is not directed against Russia. We share common challenges and common threats. That's why Lithuania should listen to the essence of Russian initiatives and, perhaps, to raise the question of their NATO and the EU.

We're talking about the neighbors of, that may be possible members of the Eurasian Union, or to whom it may affect. Does this mean that our homeland will turn away from Europe? What she finds other, more fundamental partners and makes the candidacy to the European Union? Lithuania has already made its own choice and that choice — European, Euro-Atlantic path. There is no other. Moreover, Lithuania supports the expansion of the Euro Union. During the search for new forms of cooperation. Because Eurasian alliance can not be a nominee for Lithuania.

How can become a bit crowded political integration RF, Belarus and Kazakhstan? Will it frisky or becomes vertices thoroughly, step by step? Will there be some crotch structure or not? That in this case means the political will? After all naturally occur loss of independence. Which universities will manage the new political entity, what will be the competence of the countries, what are the constitutional implications? You see, there are more questions than answers.

I take the idea of Vladimir Putin as a challenge to Europe. I think that in fact such an alliance of the Russian Federation to build profitable. History teaches us that the political and economic recovery in Russia attacked here when she worked closely with Europe. Because of the Russian Federation must first be absolutely enjoy the ability to communicate with Europe, and only after that to create something new.

It is better for Russia not to try to build other alliances, and strive to ensure that its growth by acquiring well-being of cooperation with Europe. The Europeans — are natural partners Russian. To refute this and state that the Russian Federation would be more profitable to elect the Asian way — hardly anyone will take seriously those eyes. In general, in Russia I've heard about the so-called the "third way" power, which is on the 2-continents.

But let's not make conclusions based on geography. The strategic objectives of Governors of the Russian Federation has always been the deepest connection with European countries, strengthening civilian society and legal system based on European standard. I think, to impart these standards to Russian society is even easier than starting a read to him about the new orientation. Despite the fact that in Russia there are over 20 million Muslims ask: Orthodoxy — what's that? It is a branch of Christianity. In other words, Russia's first gravitated to Christian values and Christian culture.

If we talk about the Eurasian Union, let's keep in mind that even the appearance of the Customs Union was greeted large EU countries definitely positive. It seems to me that for Russia to become a member of the Global vsepolnotsennym Trade Organizatio
n is more important than creating this Customs alliance. Faster than our homeland will play on universal rules, the faster will benefit from the use of these rules. I'm not sure what the future of Russian economy due to the Asian markets. In the benchmark of our motherland should dominate the market for resources. But President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin seek to make sverhtehnologichny economy.

I do not think that, as such, they remain attractive to larger European countries.

Algirdas Paleckis, Chairman of the "Socialist People's Front", a political scientist:

— When the neighbors start to talk about the integration of a tight fit, it is a natural process. He came in every time and everywhere — in Western Europe, North America, Eastern Europe and Asia. Such processes should be applauded.

Of course, there is the question of the descent of the Lithuanian perspective. What is the place of Lithuania in the process? What are her interests?

In my opinion, the enthusiasm is to improve ties with Eurasia, and it is not a small market. Lithuania gets access to greater resources at not bad prices on them. The problem is that Lithuania is already in one union — the European. And there is a law that forbids even Lithuania to participate in various Eastern formations. The law, of course, ideological. Yet the hands of Lithuania connected.

But for Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, a single economic space — this is the only way to integration. It is a model that already exists in other continents.

How will the integration of integrations — is another question. In 1-x, Western Europe already integrated education. In-2, it even begins to disintegrate. B-3, the process of integration in the East is gaining momentum.

Against this background, I would have reacted skeptically to the theory of pan-European home from Lisbon to Vladivostok. This is a very large area, so many people and so many different geopolitical interests. Let's agree that Portugal and China — different values for different purposes. But the collaboration between these values, some bridges need to be. For example, visa-free space between Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the European Union.

Visa issue — just on the field that integration integrations could be performed. But political, customs, money, money integration in the area from Lisbon to Vladivostok — read about it early. I think this case is very long term.

Now a few thoughts about the Eurasian Union as a project of Vladimir Putin.

Thought big integration is not new. Though the enormous government becomes the center of attraction in one way or another. Throughout the history of our own homeland was exactly such a center. It's natural and niskolechko not striking.

Another thing is that Putin announced the idea on the eve of the election. In other words, in conjunction with external market and it is designed for the domestic market. Since the voter is a very cute idea. At least at the household level, because many overseas relatives or family.

But the core idea lies in the fact that it meets the political and economic logic. There is a pervasive globalization — in other words the creation of the Eurasian Union is not contrary to this trend. Because the potential is there. Energy and other resources, the lack of a language barrier, the long experience of cooperation — all presentable and fully viable.

If such a format will create smart, taking into account the EU's mistakes, then eventually it will be created. By the way, even from the first applications of the favorites of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan that mistakes the EU, some of his hasty steps will be taken into account so as not to repeat them.

Vytenis Povilas Andriukaitis, deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee on European affairs, policies:

— Necessity of mandatory wall between the European Union and Russia — is outmoded stereotype.

One can only regret that the European Union still remain islands unmodern thinking. Fortunately, they were not able to slow down the progressive processes that are currently taking place between the EU and Russia. For example, I welcome the decision of the Polish politicians the opportunity to make a lightweight crossing the border under the local border traffic for all the inhabitants of the Kaliningrad region. It's very modern and very pragmatic look at the problem.

Against this background, I am struck by a sample of Lithuania as a member of the Euro Union not to let a similar border area on our side were Klaipeda port or some other towns. Representations of politicians, other decision that may be contrary to the interests of Lithuania — it is precisely an example of outdated stereotypes of thinking.

These are the respondents' Lithuanian Courier ". Who is more accurate in forecasts and estimates will, of course, time. Editorial wants to continue the discussion. Pin our hopes, it did not go unnoticed by readers. We offer to you and to express their point of view. We are waiting for responses.

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