Interesting facts about the rain


1. City residents do not pair synchronize watches on television or radio, and the rain. An interesting fact, but here torrential rains start at the same time of day.

2. In Portugal you can legitimately and with impunity is not going to work if it's rain.

3. Such a pleasant and refreshing smell of rain actually comes not from falling from the sky drops. Rain fragrant aroma chemical called geosmin generated cyano-and this strain.

4. World-famous "zanimalka" darts appeared thanks to the rain. During the competition, the archers went to shower, and they, as usual, went to the pub to while away the time. There, behind the glass, the other, they came up with the idea to throw shortened arrows at a target hanging on the wall.

5. For interesting facts about the rain can be attributed happening in Uganda. The people of this country do not pay attention to the thunder and lightning, as the raging elements, called the storm, they watch 250 times a year.

6. Meteorological forecasts, the familiar today, have come out of the rain. Once an American radio station owner was not lucky, and he was hit by torrential rain. After that, he introduced a new section in the ether, whose purpose was to inform students about the upcoming bad weather several times a day.

7. In Botswana, the South African people do not have enough rain, they greet each other with the word pool, which translates as rain. Interestingly, we have taken a lot to be human health, and they have — rain.

8. In Thailand, the rain can be accessed only at night, and in Cuba — a siesta.

9. According to the law of rain, adopted in the UK in the 17th century, the forecaster, predicted the wrong time and place, "spilling" of rain could take the life.

10. The allegation that the desert is no rain erroneous. In fact, they are but drops evaporate under the influence of hot air and not having to reach the ground. Desert — the only place where you can stand in the rain and not get wet.

11. Each definition weather forecast for the rain, has a well-defined sense. So when he heard about the weather "short rains", count on the 3 hour bad weather or not more than that. When the phrase "expected rain" will drip at least 12 hours. If the weather promised "no rain", still take an umbrella, the rain will pass, but the amount of rainfall does not exceed 0.3 liters / m (2).

12. The list of interesting facts about the rain joins the Indian city of Cherrapunji and the amount of precipitation drops out there, which is 26 460 mm per year. These figures break all records, so that fans of rain out there like it.

13. The normal acidity of the rain — a pH of 5.6. If these figures are reduced, rain moves into the category of acid, which is very bad for the environment. Rain with a pH of 5.5 acidity kills bacteria, and pH value 5.4 harmful for fish, amphibians and insects.

14. A hundred years in a row Uaynsberg Ohio State every year on the same day — July 29, rain. Such an enviable constancy weather can not explain a meteorologist.

15. Modern science has technology that can induce artificial rain. In fact, the process is simple and looks like this: on the plane cumulus cloud of dry ice particles are discharged. Inside the cloud water particles settle to the bottom and break down carbon dioxide in the form of snowflakes. On the way, they are heated to the liquid state, and reach the surface of the earth is in the form of rain. Thanks to artificial rain can dissipate interfering clouds and, more importantly, to successfully fight the drought.

16. Each year, the land falls 519,000 km ^ (3) of rainfall. For illustration purposes, imagine that one kilometer? contains billions of tons of water.

17. There are people who suffer from allergies caused by the rain. Rainwater on the skin of the accident causes redness and severe swelling. If he completely get wet in the rain, then the outcome can be fatal.

18. An interesting and at the same time tragic fact connected with rain, hail or rather, occurred in the city Gopalgandzh. 14 April 1986 on the heads of the inhabitants of hailstones fell incredible size (weight of each hovered around pounds or more), which claimed the life of 92-s of people.

19. Nature itself introduces a balance of precipitation, so the rainiest places on Earth are constantly suffering from the drought in the winter. After the end of the rainy season the residents of these places are not to be envied, because they are literally forced to produce their own water.

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