International festival of arts Slavonic opened near Grodno

News of Belarus. Battles with braids, fist fights and battles with clubs. Near Grodno opened the International Festival of Slavic martial arts. Military traditions of our ancestors guests of the festival showed dozens of historical clubs from Belarus and Ukraine.

All the battles here with historical accuracy repeated battles of ancient Slavs. Whether it's a hand-to-hand fighting with swords or tournament. Grodno to introduce the technique of fighting our ancestors, to the town of Neman came dozens of historical clubs from Belarus and Ukraine.

Vladimir Adamov, head of the club Slavic martial arts:

Historical direction, as we call it — it is a reconstruction of the Slavs armor, weapons, Slavs and methods of combat Slavs. We work with a variety of weapons, from which our ancestors.

Each club has its own space, their battle stations. Here, just like in the early Middle Ages. The atmosphere is recreated on the historical documents, ancient chronicles. Even clothes sewn on the patterns of our ancestors.

Vladimir Semenov, participant of the Slavic martial arts:
My boots and leather made by historical standards. Leggings, truly Slavic. They linen, rewound coils. There's pants, shirt, top and bottom. The upper is made from either wool or of thick linen.

As the festival of martial arts, it takes a special place weapons. There is no place European crossbows and arquebuses. Ancient Slavs went into battle with what was at hand. And these patterns for the enemy of great danger.

Daniel Senin, participant of the Slavic martial arts:
An ordinary scythe. Farmers reaped in the field and in the event of danger, could be used as a slashing weapon. Also chain that was used for threshing grain. In an emergency, was used as a shock weapon.

Among the Slavic warriors met and girls. However, in battle, they in no way inferior to men.

Alain Adam fascinated arts of our ancestors at school and since then never misses a workout. Even injuries that occur frequently, it is not scary.

Adam Allen, a participant of the festival of Slavic martial arts:
We men are spared, nothing serious happens in girls. Of course, men have a different question, and we are spared.

Adopt Belarusian experience of these festivals have come and guests from Ukraine, said in a news program "24 Hours" on CTV. Seen, recognized Zaporozhye Cossacks, they were impressed.

Konstantin Ryzhov, vice-president of the Ukrainian Federation of "Christ":
It was very interesting to see. We were very impressed with the level of training, the level of reconstruction and weapons.

Slavic arts festival will be held over two days. During this celebration, guests will be able to meet not only with military traditions of our ancestors, but also with the culture and rituals of the ancient Slavs.

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