Internet users expect that the government will protect against DDOS-attacks

Internet users expect that the state will protect against DDOS-attacksJournalists and online community concerned about the current situation in the near future around a number of online resources. Massive DDOS-attacks were not so long ago, online resources of large media, among which the radio station "Echo of Moscow", the publishing house "Kommersant" and "Live The magazine". Law enforcement agencies on data attack has not yet responded, recognized by representatives of online media.

Difficulties of Internet journalism and the ability of legislative regulation of the Web were agreed during a roundtable journalists, professionals and bloggers. Namely online publications representatives complained that law enforcement does not appear intrigued to find somebody to blame for DDOS-attacks.

Andrew Hodorchenkov chief editor of the website "Echo of Moscow" revealed that after hacking attacks occurred first edition was in December filed an application to the Investigation Committee and management of the "K" of the Interior Ministry. But so far no response. Rustem Adagamov (drugoi) which is popular blogger said that "Living The magazine" also was in a similar situation. Learn stormed during the year a couple of times, but law enforcement authorities have also failed to respond to submitted applications.

Dmitry Muratov, editor in chief of "The latest paper," said the publication for two years waiting for a response on the investigation of hacker attacks on the newspaper's website. In time Roundtable Muratov showed the letter to the media on which the President of the Russian Federation has been left with a resolution specifying the Investigative Committee to deal with hacker attacks on the website. "Since that time, two years have passed, I brought this courier. Two years of no response," — he said.

Ekaterina Dmitrieva representative Control Prosecutor General's Office to work with the media to disk imaging answer this said that the department is very interested in the investigation of these facts. "On this subject, we do not step back" — it has allocated. Representative Attorney General explained that according to the laws of Appeals has 30 days. In connection with this response on the appeals of the attacks that took place in December, applicants will receive just after the New Year Happy holiday. Speaking about the situation regarding more of early attacks, Dmitrieva promised to inform the management office about it.

At the same time, experts believe that the right of public access to the disk imaging Networking Web should be equated to the main freedoms and human rights. This world many times expressed Misha Fedotov secretary of the Union of Journalists of Russia. He was supported expert Boris Panteleev, a member of the Public Chamber of Russia.

"Together with the right to life, freedom from torture, the person which is on the terrain of our country has the right to open access to the Web. This is a very tough thing, "- explained Panteleev. This means that the right — a supranational value that no one may be limited. According to the views of professional voiced this thought must embody the efforts of public organizations.

During the roundtable, it was decided to put the tips in the FSB, the management of the "K" and the Prosecutor General's Office, in what is said about the inadmissibility of at least some access restrictions to the Russian people's disk imaging on the web. A DDOS-attacks should be viewed as specifically this limitation. In the future DDOS-attacks According to experts, will only grow in popularity — as their organization will cost even less.

Eugene Kharybin, expert, said: "At the moment DDOS-attack costs 3000 dollars, and in a few years will cost 500-600 dollars. Proposed at the moment is a software created for similar abuses cheaper just to sight. "

Spices in the IT sector also notes the popularity of DDOS-attacks. Representatives of the "Kaspersky Lab", which is naikrupneyshey company in the field of information security, called them "the plague RuNet." And enough already make extensive use of them at the moment — this method is popular both with respect to the online media, and in the middle of competing online stores. A civil service departments and even worse are protected from these attacks than commercial structures and ascertain spices.

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