Interrupted flight Ferrets watch online

Interrupted Flight "Ferrets" watch online
Becherom July 1 1960 year over the Barents Sea was hit by a South American military plane, violated the municipal boundaries of the USSR. Russian side did not report it, because Nikita Khrushchev was in zabugornoy trip — awaited his return and the respective instructions. Press conference of the country on July 12 1960 opened only a small page in that dramatic stories. What did the RB-47 in the Barents Sea near the borders of the Soviet Union? How has the action of 1 July 1960 , at the northern borders of the country and Russian in Moscow? What was the impending fate of the crew members survived the South American spy plane? What happened to the pilot Vasily Polyakov, shot down RB-47? In the film will include an interview with a member of the crew of the spy, Basil Polyakov, some of the materials hitherto nerassekrechennogo "Criminal case number 45", film from the State Archives of the United States ….


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