Interview Lena Anatolevny Prudnikova: Oh great heresy in the history of the USSR to read and write

Interview Helena Anatolevny Prudnikova: About Big Lie in the history of the Soviet Union should speak and writeLena A. at the meeting proved to be very active, lively and charming lady. She's curious to talk, she knows a lot.

Very friendly and disposable. We spent several hours together, and I feel sorry that they ran faster than we would like.
The entire interview with Lena Anatolevnoj in the three rollers. The most fundamental — we agreed that this meeting will not be the last.

So there is little else of white spots in our nedavneshney stories, so there's not enough facts for themselves by themselves. About all they need to know who is fascinating truth about our history, about the first people of the USSR and the countries of those who are unjustly slandered, and no reason to hide those who worked on the destructive in the country, who falsified history and replaced the truth, who misrepresented the facts in their own petty and global interests of others, no matter what words it is not justified, whatever motivated.

Lenin, Stalin, Beria

The system Beria


Biography of Lena Prudnikova

Lena A. Prudnikova was born in Leningrad.
Graduated from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute of Physics and Mechanics, Department of Solid State Physics.

She started work as a journalist in a local newspaper plant "Electropribor" forge of cadres Leningrad journalism. Later, she worked in a local newspaper association "Union", the first deputy head editor of the newspaper "Good afternoon," Frunze district, his correspondent of the newspaper "Solidarity."

Has become known for its sensational biographies of Stalin and Beria. On the question of "What happened?" Creator replied, "I'm just a gut, liver always felt some huge schism in all that was said about Stalin's time, and I wanted it just a little to understand, but all hands did not reach. And here is our St. Petersburg historian Alexander Kolpakidi, suddenly offered me to work with him on the book. Well, as you could miss such an opportunity? After all, the best way to learn anything — to write about it. "

Collaborated with several central publishing houses. The publisher of "Olma Media Group" were published her book "Stalin. 2nd murder "," Beria. Last Knight of Stalin, "" Double komplot. Undercover Stalinist repression "," Khrushchev. Creators of Terror "," The Land of God ", each of which has become a sensation. Historical specialization creator can be called "an attack on the myths."
Since 2007, Lena A. is the main editor of "Our Version on the Neva."

As a professional starred in a documentary series of movies on the NTV channel "Kremlin children", "The Kremlin's funeral", "Soviet biography" and several other films on TV "The World."

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