Interview with General Director of FSUE TSNIITOCHMASH D.Semizorova

Interview with General Director of FSUE "TSNIITOCHMASH" D.SemizorovaAn interview with the General Director of FSUE "Central Research Institute of Machine Building clear" D.Yu.Semizorova specifically for blog twower. The conversation was limited by time time because not able to ask all the questions.

— Dmitry, tell us about the course of the test equipment, "Warrior."

— At the current time step is completed preliminary testing military equipment parts. The Commission summarized, led to defects, which were announced during a test, and was approved training plan for the municipal tests.

— When they take place?

— Municipal tests will begin this spring and will be completed in November.

— In the set of "Warrior" includes sleeping bags, tents?

— Yes, included.

— In-arms. Rifle T-5000 from "Orsis" still in the testing?

— They have already been completed. Tests conducted by "Survey Systems" specifically in order to understand how rifle meets military requirements for weapons of this kind. In the course of these tests are drawbacks to the manufacturer, after they were eliminated. So today on those indicators that the military could bring to this rifle, this rifle, in general, they were satisfied.

— You have already begun to test the gun "Swift"?

— No, they have not yet begun. We plan to start in February. And by order of the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, the tests will be carried out is not the 1st gun "Swift", and the parallel development of other guns in this area.

Gun Stechkin. Maybe give him a "second wind" upgrade?

Gun was developed after the second world war, and in any case, today it is obsolete. And give it a new breath, probably, though not necessary. There is a fundamentally new schemes for the construction of systems pistol, ammunition have others, because, most likely, "Stechkin" as the standard, is a model, it will be taught by other designers and developers. Less.

— Will the gun "Glock" Russian army in the assembly or MIA?

— This will solve the customer. So far there is no solution.

— Is there a candidate AK? Likely to develop any fundamentally different machine?

— The candidacy of the Kalashnikov assault rifle is. This is a development of the plant Degtyareva is the development of the Tula factory.

— What kind of weapons it?

— This model AEK all popular. And it is a model of the Tula [inaudible] which and is called — the A-545. They have been tested in the framework of the ROC "Warrior." The test results can not yet divulge.

— Are you going to work to work with the new generation of small guns with "inverted" receiver box, type in AR-shaped?

— Now we need to evaluate their occurrence in our country. In the event that such technology model will help in solving tactical problems to our military, these developments will be carried out. But as long as they are not.

— Are there any plans for the development of the Russian machine gun under 5.45 belt-fed?

— The need for such weapons there. Now the customer forms the technical requirements under this tool and identifies the performer.

— Who is the customer: the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior?

— Law enforcement agencies.

— I know that at the moment is development mnogokalibernogo cartridge inflated accuracy for sniper rifles.

— At present, such works are as in an active manner by our institute, but I've heard from the military expression of the need for such ammunition. Because we are waiting for the tactical and technical specifications for the development of this cartridge. In any case, even if we have such tactical and technical specifications do not receive the government customer, the Institute this round will be developed within a year and a half without the assistance of others.

— Why not just take and not to copy the same cartridge under .338 at strangers?

— The fact is that those tasks that solve our units during the execution of tactical tasks, these are our tasks with the features. Because we need to make in Lapua ammunition, of which we speak, the characteristics and properties that are necessary for our military.

— Thank you, Dmitry.

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