Introduced because of snowfall regime abolished emergency in Tver on Monday afternoon

Authorities Tver 15.00 Monday cancel emergency imposed in December 30 due to heavy snowfall, utilities switch to operate normally, according to the city administration.

Snowfall 28, 29 and November 30, paralyzed city traffic in Tver: vehicles, including the public, almost did not go, the adults were late or could not get to work, and children — in school. Congestion caused difficulties in emergency services. Get rid of the big traffic jams in the city have until Saturday.

Since November 30, the regional center has been declared a state of emergency. Local authorities have attracted private contractors, working to remove snow does not stop. On Tuesday morning, December 4, the situation deteriorated again, started again snow, which caused disruptions in public transportation: because the weather is not able to enter the tram line along two routes, the roads, the number of accidents.

"According to the decision of the city administration, due to the stabilization of the situation related to the passage of the cyclone, the regime of" Emergency "is canceled from 15.00 MSK on December 10. Thereafter, all utilities and emergency services switch to operate normally," — said in a statement.

According to the city administration, the introduction of emergency allowed promptly additionally attract Snow plowing 12 contractors. For the period from November 30 to December 8, the snowy ranges of Tver was exported 70.9 thousand tons of snow, while for the entire winter season of 2011-2012 was removed about 83 tons.

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